Thoughts: Ziggy/Alter Ego/Doubles

Disclaimer:  I have had 2 hours sleep – it’s a fact the brain does not function properly on 2 hours sleep – be easy on me. 🙂

I don’t have any links etc to back this up… just thoughts of all the things we’ve all been reading.

In light of our Ziggy Stardust clue from TNZ and how Ziggy Stardust was an alter ego of David Bowie, it got me thinking.

All this talk about MJ having a double…

People coming out saying stuff about MJ that seems out of character…

MJ and his changing appearance over the years…

O2 man and his different body language, manner and conduct…

Talk of a double life…

Questions of two families…

Has MJ been introducing us to his alter ego that he will unveil or has unveiled?

And I read within the past couple of days of a connection between something and when I read it my heart didn’t want there to be any connection between that story and MJs.  It was about a man who was leading two lives, one in the city and one in the country.. they specifically named London.  They termed the man a womanizer and said an injury laid him up and during that time he couldn’t hold the facade together and the two worlds collided.

I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT THE HECK LEAD ME TO THAT!!!  I think it was a novel? movie? that I came across while investigating a clue.

Anyway, when I find the reference I will update it here….


Now I wonder if this was a deliberate reference to an alter ego… is O2 man the alter ego we will see in concert in 2010?

So many questions….


~ by lilwendy on November 27, 2009.

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