Input –> Reality?

Have you heard of this saying?

Your input determines your thoughts,

Your thoughts determine  your words

Your words determine  your actions

Your actions determine  your character

Your character determines your habits

Your habits determine  your destiny.

This little saying holds true for every person on this planet.

Before the advent of all this technology we have available, our input was solely our experiences.

Who we were and the life we lived were determined by the sum of our experiences.

That experience was our reality.

Do you understanding what I am saying?  Our reality was what we SAW, we HEARD, we FELT, in our real life…. our INPUT.

Now what is the input that is shaping YOUR reality?

We have SO MUCH input!  From experiences, to books, to music, to internet, to TV, to film, input is everywhere!

So what kind of program are we receiving?

What kind of character is being built in the society?

What kind of world is being created?

I was just thinking, on this 54th birthday of Michael Jackson, that he wants to heal the world.  What a HUGE task!  If I wanted to change the entire world, how would I do that?


I’d have to change the minds of every individual.


For many it would be as simple as controlling the media.

Media is the major form of input for many people around the world.

I tweeted yesterday “Did you know that our brain activity is very similar during sleeping and during film-watching?”  To expand, when we are watching TV, our subconscious brain is very active while our logical brain is dormant.  I don’t know if you realize the impact of that!  That means that as we watch movies/TV, we are in a state similar to that of being hypnotized!  Whatever we watch then determines our thoughts, words, actions, character, habits, and eventually destiny!

Let me repeat: The impact of this is huge!  Our realities are being controlled by things  entering our minds!  Our subconscious CAN NOT differentiate between what is real and what is in the media.

If this is true, then the way to heal the world, I believe, is to program morals and values back into the minds of every citizen. 

So not only should we be very mindful of what input we are subjecting ourselves to, but we should also observe what TV shows, movies, etc. are being produced and what ideas are being put forth to society.  We need to choose to be part of the game or not.

I love that line in Hunger Games, “What if one year everyone just stopped watching? Then they wouldn’t have the games.” Just like MJ used to say about tabloid junk, if everyone just stopped reading it and buying it, it wouldn’t survive. 

Sigh… I’m just rambling on and my thoughts are all over the place.   I hope someone understands what I am saying. 🙂

Self-check time.  To what programming are you subjecting yourself?


~ by lilwendy on August 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “Input –> Reality?”

  1. True dat. 😛

    What you allow to enter your mind, is what you give consent to possess you.

  2. …not rambling to me. What you say is too true.
    Good to see you T=twitter. I don’t visit there too much.
    ♥ & ☼ in Michael’s ☼ of ♥

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