Three Years

Hello everyone!

Well it’s been 3 years since Michael “died”.  To me, it was when I was reborn.  The journey has been one of many emotions, many friends, some hatred, some misunderstanding, but lots of love.

This past weekend I had an opportunity to really look at my life, review the lessons I’ve learned from June 25, 2009 to today and yesterday I decided to take a major turn in my life.

I decided to radically APPLY what I’ve been learning.  To CONNECT with people again… not ON the internet but in person.  I’ve decided to take my time, money and energy and go and find people in MY IMMEDIATE WORLD and make a difference there.  Basically I decided to focus on really changing and designing my story.

So how ironic when I saw Brandon’s tweet this morning from back in June 13th stating “Stop watching HIStory and Make YOUR story ! – B. HOWARD Δ******#mission ”  That really is it for me.

I got tired of watching people living a life, watching Michael & his sphere make an impact for good in the world, and now I am unplugging and making MY STORY… MY impact.

I can tell you what my story will be about though.  It will all be about the glory of God.  My life is for HIM to use… no one else.

My goal, similar to someone else I know, is to be like Jesus.  I will be reading my Bible, studying the Word of God, studying Jesus, and doing everything in my power to be like Him.  Through my example, I want to help others to desire to do the same.

So will I be on Twitter and on my blog?  I’m not sure.  If God sees it as an opportunity for me to use these modes to glorify Him, then I will be on.

I know for certain He has allowed me to meet some amazing friends on Twitter and through the blog and maybe, hopefully, those friendships will continue, but if not, then I trust that God has done the work He needed to during this time.

So on this 3rd year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, I see it as a time for celebration.  It really is to me Michael’s birth.   So we could discover the man behind Michael Jackson.  My birthday/anniversary gift to Michael is not to dedicate my life to Michael, to vindicating His name, to glorifying Michael… NO, my gift is to glorify God and dedicate my life to serving my Heavenly Father.  In doing so, I believe a big part of what I’ll be sharing is how Michael’s name could get so tarnished and what world really is…. it’s satan’s playground.

We need to know what is REALLY going on… the spiritual battle.  The scary part is, it’s not even always the blatantly obvious things that are satanic… it is the slight deceptions that are the ones that really get you.  The justifications for sinful behaviour that seems ok because everyone does it.

I’m going to dare to be different.  In this case, I will not look for approval from the majority because bottomline, the majority is mostly likely going to think I’m weird and radical.  Oh well… I am only living my life for an Audience of One.

Study your Bible like the back of your hand.  Know the truth.  God has designed us for greatness.

Lastly remember, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s enough to just believe. Even a fool believes. You must ACT on your beliefs.

It’s time to ACT!   Everyday, create YOUR history!

Ready….. set….. go!


~ by lilwendy on June 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “Three Years”

  1. Good for you! You are a prime example of the encouagement we all need! Thank you for standing up for righteousness sake…I totally believe that’s what Michael would want to hear anyway and I’m sure the King of Kings is proud of you! Love and Blessings my friend, Kathy

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