My Friend Michael – my thoughts

Well I picked up “My Friend Michael – Frank Cascio” from the library and boy I couldn’t put it down!  Of course with any of these books written about Michael, several things go through my mind:

1. This person is speaking from his perspective and I must keep this in mind.

2. We’re dealing with memories that may or may not be entirely accurate.

3. I’m dealing with my own mind fighting my own preconceived image of who Michael is.


That being said, it was a great book!

It was such a rare opportunity to look into the life of Michael Jackson through Frank Cascio’s aka Frank Tyson’s eyes.

What I took away from it I was kind of excited about because I got to see that some things I’m doing in my life the great MJ did as well. 😀

  • Be honest
  • Be sincere
  • See  people as people; recognize people for their real selves.
  • Listen without judgment
  • Help without wanting anything in return
  • Actively participate in life
  • Give warmth and comfort to those around you
  • Open doors to new people
  • Make family a top priority
  • Have a warm and nurturing heart
  • Connect with people
  • Pursue knowledge
  • Study the world around you
  • Be humble and respectful
  • Understand what people want to see, hear and experience
  • Whatever I do, I should master my craft. Be the best at it.
  • Give of myself (even though I cherish my solitude time)
  • Be open to people and experiences
  • Learn by living
  • Document experiences… Take pictures, do research about customs and cultures, gain greater perspective
  • Make people feel special
  • Whatever you do or say or want the world to see, envision it and it will happen.
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Learn to speak your mind openly
  • Be loyal
  • Protect those I love
  • Give yourself daily “training time” with reading, meditation, study
    • The Power of Positive Thinking
    • Mind Map – book of pictures of things that inspire you – places, people, images of what you like and hope to achieve.
    • The Greatest Salesman in the World
    • The Power of your Subconscious Mind
    • Creative Visualization
    • Meditation
    • How your mind works
    • Your place in the universe
    • Jonathan Livingston Seagull
    • Study dream board pictures and affirmative words
  • Opportunities come with empowerment, ambition and self-awareness
  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself what you want to happen.  Do it every day and it will happen.
  • Feel it until you believe it
  • Be a hard worker
  • Be diligent
  • Be a self-starter
  • Be disciplined
  • Be persistent
  • Learn about the wonders of creation and the world around you.
  • Be in constant student mode
  • Invest time with your family and kids – family dinners and conversation between kids and parents
  • Life is short and we don’t know when we will breathe our last breath – live life to the fullest

I’ll be honest, I thought I was not one of those MJ fans that had this idealistic view of who MJ is.  As I saw MJ though Frank’s eyes, I found myself feeling a little disheartened.  When I took a step back and asked myself why, I had to admit I was not seeing MJ for who he really was…. Human…. With faults… with quirks…. Some lovable, and some not.  I had to admit, as I already logically knew, I really didn’t know MJ.  No one does.  Except God.  But I really didn’t like him being painted in this light.  Then I thought, if a book was written about me (and I think I’m a pretty together person ;-p) what would be said about me.  hahaha some of the moments I have had where I wasn’t too proud of my behaviour… wow! Moving on!  🙂

Anyway, I guess that’s what true friendship is: accepting someone, faults and all.  Going through the good, the bad and the ugly and still sticking by each other.  Committing to the relationship through the misunderstandings,  the happy times and the sad times.  Tell the truth even when the truth hurts and threatens the relationship.

Gosh, there was so much more to this book…  just too much for words.  You just have to read it for yourself.

Thank you Frank for writing this and sharing a bit of your life and experiences with us.


~ by lilwendy on February 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “My Friend Michael – my thoughts”

  1. Exactly, it is one person’s opinion, and that person only saw of Michael, what Michael wanted to him to see. The book I’m sure, is edited to create ambivalent feelings promoting sales. They say to trust your instincts and first impressions. I believe you should trust in what your heart tells you, not what someone is trying to sell you. L.O.V.E.

  2. Exactly, one must remember it is only someone’s opinion of Michael. One that is often changed and painted by editors to sell more books. L.O.V.E.

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