What is Love?

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Just wanted to share some of my Bible study notes on love:

What is love?

1 Corinthians 13:1-7.  Aka the Love chapter

Usually in the context of marriage

This extends to more than just your spouse… it’s about who you are to everyone

how we live our lives day by day.

Not focus on what love is, but what love does and does not do.


Paul wrote this first letter to the Corinthians to address problems in the church.

In chapter 12 he explains the misuse and misunderstanding of spiritual gifts.

Spiritual gifts are those talents and abilities that God gives a believer to carry out His will in their lives.

There was an outpouring of spiritual gifts

Measure of holiness

Gift of tongues – very holy

God is not so much interested in what we do, but why we do it.

It deals with our service for the Lord and examines our motives for why we serve.

Do we serve to be seen of men….or to serve the Lord.

1. Love is active

Love is fully love only when it acts!

Each of us are master’s at hiding what is in the deepest recesses of our hearts…..from each other.

But we cannot hide these things from our omniscience God.

2. (1 John 3:18) “My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth”

My goal should be to demonstrate this kind of love one to another.

good things that can be done for the wrong reasons.

1 Corinthians 13:1-3 Verse 1-3 give us a list of commendable things we would certainly admire in a child of God, but God qualifies them for us.

He says if they are done for the wrong reason they do not please Him…..they are nothing.

They will receive no reward, and God cannot bless or be apart of such things.

Speaking with the tongues of men and angels without “agape” love is worthless.

We can become great students of the Bible, a scholar no less, and show great faith, but we have not love in our hearts we are nothing…..

If we give everything we have to the poor….it will impress people, it will make us outwardly look like really wonderful people, but we are not changed inside….it is worthless as far as having any effect on us, or on honoring the Lord.

You see what pleases the Lord is what is in our hearts and why we serve

Even if we are martyred for the sake of Christ….standing firm upon the word of God, contending for the faith and are persecuted and burned at the stake…..and if our motives are wrong, if we do it not for the love of Christ and the love of others nothing is grained.

2. It does not please God unless our hearts are right we Him. Do you believe that people can do outward good works and look good, but be out of God’s will? The sad answer is yes….oh yes and here God is telling us that.

3. The Corinthians were using their gifts….but God was not in it. Their motives for service, for preaching, even giving their testimonies came from pride, not a love of Christ and a love of others.

4. May I make this clear…..listen intensely to what I am about to say….to what God wants each of us to know.

The love of Christ and the love of others are synonymous. That is what this passage is saying. The are one. God is love…and God’s love is towards others. Man’s love can be for himself….to satisfy the flesh….it can be selfish.

God then explain to us the difference between service for outward gain and biblical service done in love. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

We can do a lot of hand shaking, some do a lot of hugging. These things expression of caring, but love is a lot more than this. True love is more than outward expressions.

II. Let us look at what God says is true love.

A. Biblical Love is patient…it is longsuffering (vs. 4)

The word “patient” literally means “long tempered.”

not quick to get angry….or to take offense.

allow ourselves to be inconvenienced or taken advantage of by a person over and over again.

Its primary concern is for the welfare of others, not itself.

How different this is from the secular thinking of our day, where everyone wants “their rights.” The slogan of the day is, “What about my needs?” or ” I demand my rights.”

Entitlement mentality

B. Biblical Love is kind… (vs. 4)

kindness will give anything to others.

To be kind means to be useful, serving and gracious. It is active goodwill. It not only feels generous; it is generous.

It not only desires others’ welfare; it works for it.

C. Biblical Love does not envy… (vs.4)

We want what someone else has. OR

We wish that someone else didn’t have what they had. We often resent what others have.

D. Biblical Love does not vaunteth itself nor is puffed up…it does not parade itself in front of others. (vs. 4)

In other words, love does not brag or “parade” its accomplishments.

Bragging is trying to make others jealous of what we have.

Love does not remind a person of the great “sacrifice” you have made for them.

It is trying to show we are more spiritual than someone else

E. Biblical Love does not behave unseemly, with means rudely . . . (v. 5)

True love has manners.

it seeks peace instead of putting others in their place with rudeness.

Can you see how all this ties together? If the love of Christ is in a person’s heart they will be longsuffering, they will be kind and not envy another. Where Christ lives in the heart the person does not uplift himself in pride, and does not act rudely to others.

F. Biblical Love does not seek its own . . . (v. 5)

This speaks of that aspect of the fallen nature where we always want “to have our way.”

G. Biblical Love is not provoked . . . (v. 5)

To provoke means “to arouse anger, a convulsion or sudden outburst.”

Biblical love guards against being irritated, upset, or angered by things said or done against it.

H. Biblical Love thinks no evil. . . (v. 5)

Store up the account of evil wrongdoing

Does not rejoice in iniquity

The love of Christ if in a person’s heart will not judge all they do with a critical eye….. It will not seek to find fault….a reason to criticize…. It will forgive…..and not seek opportunities to criticize or bring up past failures.

The love of Christ seeks to bring peace…..to show love and think the best of others…

I. Biblical Love believes all things . . . (v. 7)

In other words, love believes the best of every person.

If a person is accused of something wrong, love will consider him or her innocent until proven guilty. You will stick up for your brother!

And even if they are guilty it will extend love to help that person overcome their failure.

That is what biblical love does…..it stands by a brother or sister.

J. Bible Love endures all things . . . (v. 7)

It refuses to give up, surrender, stop believing or hoping.

No matter how ugly or how humiliating the attack….the love of Christ in one’s heart stops the desire to fight back, to lash out and to seek vengeance.

It keeps the door open and prays for God’s intervention…it turns the outer cheek. Oh, yes the tears will flow, the hurt will swell up inside till we think it will kill us…but biblical love is not overcome.

K. Beareth all things,

Covers all things… all sins

believeth all things,

Believes the best in another

hopeth all things,

hopes for the best – not it will never get better

endureth all things.

Love will simply not stop loving.

I was hurt so many times by people more emotionally than physically

I thought the best thing was to shut off my heart and act like I care

Really being truly loving gives us the freedom to not be so hurt

Giftedness is not a display of spiritual maturity… display of love is.


Well like I said they are NOTES so hopefully you guys can follow my thoughts here.  I love you all and hope this blesses you in some way!


~ by lilwendy on February 14, 2012.

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