My vulnerability

Ok sometimes these things just come out of nowhere and I usually find out it resonates with someone. So this is a little something I wrote and honestly I’m the kind of person that likes my poetry to follow some kind of order.  You know…. 5 syllables, 4 syllables, 5 syllables, 6 syllables, repeat. LOL  So this writing goes against my grain since it doesn’t follow any kind of pattern. 🙂

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

It’s just me

Here I am

An ordinary Joe

An ordinary man

Striving for perfection

Always falling shy

Never quite good enough

Expectations high

I put on the costume

Of what the public wants

Only I know who I really am

My soul the truth does taunt

Adoration pours out

To the image of me

But this love I can not feel

For they know not who they see

They love a hologram

A made up superman

If they knew who I am

Would they still love me?

I must tear away the habit

Of this nun they’ve made me be

With courage I stand naked

For all of you to see

Through the stories of my friends

Coming post a bitter end

Will they finally understand

The real me?

Yes they’ll discover the man

They never really knew

Those who remain loyal

Are my tried and true

They’ll stand with me till the end

My protectors, lovers, friends

Your love I’ll comprehend

From my vulnerability

PS Yes I am a girl 🙂  I guess I was just thinking of MJ again…. lol


~ by lilwendy on February 14, 2012.

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