Believing vs. Knowing your Future HIStory

I was reading through the posts of Front, one of the MJDHI members, and something he said stood out for me.

Believing and knowing are two different things. Don’t take my word as conclusive evidence. The proof will be provided in future HIStory……….


Actually two things from this statement caught my eye and got me thinking.

1. Believing vs Knowing

Believing is to accept something as true.  Such as I believe in God.  Even the devil believes in God. I believe Michael Jackson is alive.  I accept this as true based on what I’ve read, heard, seen, etc.  Basically you CHOOSE to believe in something.

Now, knowing is to having DIRECT KNOWLEDGE of some concept.  So something happens to me, a change of heart, a healing, that is not explainable by any means, I may say I KNOW God because of my personal experience with Him.  Or I go to Neverland gates and Michael Jackson comes by and says HI.  I’ve seen him so I KNOW he’s alive. (This is hypothetical, I have not seen Michael Jackson LOL)

We need to move from being believers to KNOWers.

Believers take another person’s word for things and haven’t done their own study.  They are weak. They will blow with the wind changing opinions left and right.  They are full of doubt.

Knowers have done their study and they are confident in what they know.  They trust implicitly and are aware of what’s going on.

Here’s a great article on believing vs knowing and adding in vs faith.

2. Future HIStory

Every time I hear “history” it makes me think of one thing…

Yesterday I decided to look at not just history but FUTURE HISTORY.

Future HIStory is actually a style of writing where the author, living in let’s say time A, writes from the perspective of being in time B and writing about time C.  So for example, I, living in 2012, could write a story about being in 2100’s writing about events that happened in the “past” in 2040.

Then it hit me… THAT’S LIKE THE BIBLE!  Some may argue that it’s people in the past writing about the past, present and future.  Ok.  However, I believe that this story called the Bible is an account of what is already written.

Our concept of time and God are beyond our comprehension.   Our thoughts on this are very linear and time may not be a linear concept.  If it was then how could anyone have a premonition?  But that’s another topic. 😉

The Bible to me is HIStory.  It’s HIS story.  It’s already done.  The battle is already won!  However, it is future to me.

Future HIStory.

There are some of us that believe this.  Then there are some of us that know this.  We’ve spent days and nights studying God’s Word.  We’ve invested time and money to dig for the treasures that lie in those pages.  We cry out to God for wisdom and discernment.  We’ve been rewarded with HIS love.

I pray this for you.  That you will read the blueprint of what we are living so you won’t be in the dark anymore.  I pray you will read HIStory and have Psalm 119:105 come to life in your own life.

Psalm 119:105 “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

God bless you!


~ by lilwendy on January 27, 2012.

One Response to “Believing vs. Knowing your Future HIStory”

  1. Wendy, you sight valuable summary here of believing/knowing here.

    What I see as important and has grown with intensity since that awful day is expressed here. Many fans leave an untarnished legacy of MJ up to God and time. Thing is, God gave us free will.
    Thus “it’s up to us” to “be the change we wish to see…”

    Believing and knowing is fine. Meanwhile, what can we DO for Michael.
    I feel that this is the least we can do in consideration of all he has given.

    As always, thank you for your posts. They are comforting.
    ♥ & ☼

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