I was just thinking… There has been this focus on 12:21 for a couple reasons

12:21 time of death  edit: time of 911 call and of course 12/21 EOW.

Because of this some are speculating the MJ may return 12/21/12

Now I hate to guess at return dates because… well it’s kind of like Christmas and Christmas gifts… you know you’re getting a gift but there’s an element that is unknown, what is it?  I was never the one to ruin the surprise by hunting for my gift or trying to guess ahead of time what it was.  I just waited and enjoyed the moment I got to be surprised.

Having said that, this thought just popped into my head (and maybe someone has already mentioned/thought of this?)

Maybe 1221 is not the date, but the days of the hoax.

1221 days from June 25, 2009 would be October 28, 2012.

A few interesting things that have happened on October 28

2009 – Opening night of This is It

2011 – Rumored end date of Mayan Calendar

AND 1992, on October 28, it was rumoured that the Christian rapture would happen.  Now there has also been comparisons between MJ and Jesus and here in 1992 people believed Jesus would return.

Wouldn’t it be something if 30 years later a person who just wanted to emulate Jesus was to return?

Things to ponder. 😉


~ by lilwendy on January 5, 2012.

One Response to “12:21”

  1. I don’t ever ponder this myself & hardly ever think about what date he may return.

    2:26pm “official ” time & reported 6 minutes earlier by TMZ at 2:20.
    I think 12:21 is when the 911 call was made.

    Maybe we should just add all the different times together.
    I kinda tire of the #s but this is a great vid.
    I just hope people will be patient for he surely deserves the respect of patience from others.

    As for the 2 Mayan calenders and Jesus, I just think of his return as being between him and God.
    God’s speed to Michael… … … …

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