The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil

Well it’s been almost two months since I went and I can’t believe it took prompting from one of my followers to actually write a blog on my experience at The Immortal World Tour!

So here we go!

I was so excited and, of course, had my extra sensitive detective glasses on, looking for anything and everything that may be noteworthy.

Well while I was waiting in the line-up, we saw one of the twin dancers (not sure if it was Larry or Laurent) came to the door and greeted some kids and signed an autograph (which made their day!!)  It was nice to see them caring about the kids like that.

Then the doors opened and as I was walking in the security was on the phone and he said “Yeah I gotta go I’m working the Michael Jackson concert” O_O  LOL  Well if I was only 99% excited before, I was now 200% excited! Hahaha

So on to the atmosphere.  I was very disappointed and maybe it’s just where I was sitting.  The people all around us were DEAD!!! Yep Thriller in the making! We were in the VIP seats and we knew we got a VIP bag with goodies.

When we got to our seats, we noticed that some people didn’t get their bags.  So we made it our mandate to direct people to the table to make sure they got their gift bag, program, lanyard with VIP pass and beautifully embossed journal (which I was so excited about).  All we asked was for them to pay the kindness forward.

There were people there that just did not get the impact of what they were about to witness.  People were complaining that the gift bag was “all they got”.  The people behind us complained about their seats being uncomfortable.  (I was sitting in row 4 and I was so mad.  I decided to have some fun and said loud enough for them to hear “Wow these seats are so comfortable!  I think the first 4 rows have extra cushions or something…. Pillow top seats…. It’s like a cloud!”) hahaha I’m such a brat! Some people complained that they didn’t get free beer or alcohol and proceeded to get drunk.  But then there was one lady that was so touched that we made sure she got her free bag that she turned around several times during the night to just reiterate how touched and grateful she was.

Anyway, then the show began… I won’t go into extreme details on my reactions other than to say WE WERE THE ONLY ONES IN OUR AREA DANCING!!! SMH!  I danced (in my seat because security was on us not to stand) and sang to the point that we were so noticeable to the dancers on stage.  They pointed at us and we encouraged them with our stellar dance moves and knowledge of every lyric dished out!  LOL

So my memory is not the greatest so I’ll be using my program as a reference and commenting on what my reactions were.

First off, in the program it talks of the BAD World Tour 1987-1989 and shows some pictures of MJ in all his glory.

There are two quotes:

“Consciousness expresses itself through creation.  The world we live in is the dance of the Creator. Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on.” MJJ


“I keep on dancing and dancing… (dot dot dot LOL #MJfansunderstand) and dancing, until there is only… the dance.” MJJ

Then it goes on to the Dangerous World Tour 1992-1993 again with beautiful, passionate pictures, and again two quotes:

“Those are moments when fate is unsealed, nothing is impossible and we are healed, we can soar, we can fly, walk on fire, navigate the sky.” MJJ


“Deep inside, you know it’s true.  Just find that child, it’s hiding in you.” MJJ

Next, the HIStory World Tour 1996-1997

“…silence is my real dance, though it never moves.  It stands aside, my choreographer of grace, and blesses each finger and toe.” MJJ


“When all life is seen as Divine, everyone grows wings.” MJJ

Lastly, we come to

The Immortal World Tour 2011-2012

Ok the reason I walked through this may have impacted you already.  It states all of Michael’s World Tours, Immortal being ONE OF THEM!! HELLO??!!  This is MJ’s baby, MJ’s creation, in a new and innovative form!  That’s all I will say about that. 😉

Now onto the songs:

Workin Day and Night

I can imagine this is how it all started.  MJ got to the point where he was workin day and night.  Haven’t you ever gotten to the point where you just stop and wonder, how did I get here?  This is NOT what I want for my life.  It’s out of control!  I have.  That’s where drastic changes HAVE TO be made.

Immortal Intro

This is so rich with meaning for me.  Going back in time “remember the time” … reviewing… Just hearing the “Michael” chant and the sound of machinery just makes me think of a manufacturing plant (which is how I see the whole music industry).  Just manufacture a money making image with no care of what it may be doing to the individual performer.  It also kind of sounds like a whip and the sound of Michael yelling… like a slave.  Cranking out hit after hit, pressured to produce, J5 songs, ending with where there is love, I’ll be there.


Then it starts with Michael talking about children’s childhoods being stolen from them… from him.

Unfortunately, or fortunately some may say, Michael entered that manufacturing plant at an early age and consequently lost his childhood.  This was the most moving part of the show for me.  They had little Michael peering through a window and… I couldn’t help but want to protect and love that little one.  I was getting angry but then had to remind myself that his childhood (or lack thereof) gave him the experiences he has had and made MJ who he is today.  The man that loves God, wants to honor Him and impact the world for His glory.

Hearing Michael IN HIS OWN WORDS talking of his view on things, creativity, and the beauty of the cirque display was beyond words.

Wanna Be Startin’ Something

I don’t really remember too much from this part other than I was dancing like crazy!  High energy! Woo hoo!!!

Shake Your Body Down to the Ground

This part was great!  Five fans trying to get into Neverland… another “how can you people stay still?!!” moment LOL.  Looking at things as a story from this point, I just thought what an adjustment from being just a regular set of kids who were singing to now having people at their gates trying to get a picture, touch, glimpse, anything! Sheesh!  That would be traumatic for a child let alone for me now as a 40 year old!

Dancing Machine:

Again made me think of being a cog in a well-oiled machine.  Five guys like puppets being controlled by a puppet master.  The sound of the machine kind of dies down and then goes into….


It’s like when Michael was out of the machine it was back to being the child he wanted to be… one who loved the wonder of animals and this glorious world.  It was just so innocent and to hear Michael’s little voice so clear… broke my heart.  I think at the end there was a part that was like when in ET Elliot is riding his bike and then flies and the joy he felt… I think I heard that music and then it was abruptly cut.  Made me think again of Michael’s joy being cut… him being disillusioned in someway.

This Place Hotel:

Now into HEARTBREAK hotel.  To me heartbreak hotel is the music industry.  Just looks like a nice place from the outside but once you enter, you’re doomed to heartache, pain, and despair.

Smooth Criminal:

Annie are you ok?  Who is Annie?  Annie to me could be the artists who are taken advantage of.  Was Michael taken advantage of? HELL YEAH!


Ah yes the dangerous women. J  I’m sure he had MANY of those coming around… wanting him for his money… using their sexual prowess to suck him in.  I hate to admit, when I was younger I would have done that.  Thank goodness I’ve matured and grown in my relationship with God.


This puts it all in perspective for me.  Talking about God being the source of all his talents and Another Part of Me playing.  THIS GOT ME SO EXCITED!! This is my reason for everything I do.  All to bring glory to God!  If we listen to Michael’s words… not what he was reported as saying, not tabloid trash, but HIS WORDS we will know that Michael lived for God too.  I truly believe Michael’s life has done this but that in his “death” many will learn even more about God through Michael and his work.

Jackson 5 Medley:

This was just fun… the dancers were great as the fans that get to go to Neverland.  MY DREAM!!!!  The recreation of parts of Neverland was absolutely one of my favourite parts because it is a dream of mine (one which I know will be a reality somehow someway someday)

Speechless/Human Nature:

Oh my gosh!!! This was absolutely fantastic from beginning to end.  Hearing Michael singing speechless so loud and clear and then into such a beautiful rendition of Human Nature with the aerial acts… for me THIS was bliss! I love looking at the stars.  Anyone who knows me knows that my neck is always cranked back looking at the sky.  This was amazing for me!

Is It Scary:

To me this is where life turns.  Where the hunter becomes the hunted.  Where evil rears it’s ugly head.  If I was Michael I would feel paranoid like someone is always watching me and threatened.  These are the songs that were spliced together.


There are little things that stand out for me.  “The midnight hour’s close at hand” has always done that for me in Thriller.  To me the midnight hour is when things are the darkest.  Dark is associated with evil.  It is also the time when we are now heading into the light… into a new day.  Where the dead, those who are asleep, will awaken.  Where we realize that we are a being in a rotting corpse.  Where we realize that we struggle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  Thriller is a very deep and spiritual song for me and this is the turning point in this production from what we are up against to where we need to go.

You are Not Alone/I Just Can’t Stop Loving You:

I know these songs are supposed to be a guy talking about a girl but I have NEVER heard it like this.  To me this is about our relationship with God.  Psalm 34:18 The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.  We are never alone, God is always with us.  You are Not Alone could be God saying to us that we are not alone, God is here with us, though we’re far apart, He’s always in our hearts.  Same with I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.  Just listen to it with ears of it being our relationship with God and you’ll see what I mean.  Last point on this… how can you not go crazy with MJ singing in Spanish!!! Be still my heart! 😉

Beat It:

This was so hilarious and with the glove and socks and shoes… classic!  It was like when Michael reconnected with God or God a perspective on things… what he was to the world was gloves and sparkle socks.


This was another one of my favorites mainly because I feel this is unfortunately one of the most underrated songs.  The words are heaven-sent.  This is my ringtone!  This is the state of the world and we gotta do something about it!  We underestimate our power to change this world.  If we would EACH own up to the power God gave each of us, we had the humility to know it was God given and we USED it with a Jesus like spirit, this world would be so different!!!

Planet Earth/Earth Song:

What can I say.  This is God’s gift to us… this earth… and what are we doing to the gift? Are we being good stewards of what God has given us?  This is the cry of not Michael Jackson but of the heavens speaking/singing through MJ… reflecting to us what we have done… speaking for the animals, trees, waters, etc. that cannot speak for themselves.  Here MJ was the voice for the voiceless.

Scream/Little Susie

Another song that is so full of wisdom.  You live your life, you do your best, and things in this world are just not fair.  This world is so full of corruption, deceit, lies, it just makes you want to scream.   There is a system in this world and it SUCKS!!!  This is a cry to God for mercy as we live in this crazy world.  Makes me think of Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Gone Too Soon:

All I could think of was the memorial on this one.  I have such a hard time listening to this song.  It just reminds me of all the greats that are “gone too soon”.

They Don’t Care About Us:

It took EVERYTHING in my being to not get up on stage and march!  The costumes!  ?, $, peace symbols and hearts on their chests.  This is what we are fighting against.  The system that doesn’t care about US!!!

Heal the World – Will You Be There/I’ll Be There:

How do we fight? WITH LOVE!!!  Evidenced with the soldiers with hearts.  Also, a reconfirmation that MJ will be there.

Can You Feel It/Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough/Billie Jean/Black or White:

Then the party begins!!! LOL Unity! We’re all the same!  Can you feel it?!! J The Force, it’s gotta lotta power!  Bringing all the cultures together… love it! I especially loved the modification of Black or White to be representative of the different musical styles.  Yes, the universal language of music!

Man in the Mirror:

The finale… and a reminder that it starts with us.  Look in the mirror, there’s the solution, the one staring back at you.  We better change if we want to make this world a better place.

Remember the Time/Bad

Let’s remember the times… there is nothing new under the sun… if we look back in the past, we will learn so much for our future.  Lastly, a reminder that he’s BAD! This BAD theme has been just that… an underlying theme.  We know what’s going on and the whole world has to answer right now!

Well that was my experience with The Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour.

I want you to be clear, I don’t believe MJ is more special than any of us in anyway.  I believe each and every one of us can do what MJ has done if we would allow God to use us and move forward in faith.  I believe we are each a vessel for God to use.  We may not be a singer, or a dancer, but we each have individual talents and gifts that we need to thank God for. We’ve just forgotten what our place is in this life we call HIStory.  It is not my story or your story, it is God’s story.  When we realize that we are all actors in this movie called HIStory, being directed by the one and only Director, and we all have a role to play, maybe then we will study our Script. 😉

Love you guys!


~ by lilwendy on December 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil”

  1. oh my… what a beautiful reflection of this extraordinary experience.
    Of course I am desiring to go more & more everytime I read more about this spectacular show.
    Thank you so much Wendy for taking the time to share your special moments & insight with us. Your comments about it are the most touching that I’ve read.

    Me too, my brat-like self would have reacted to complaints much like you did. Hee, hee… Good for you !

    “Jam” is also one of my very favorites & I agree, has been understated.
    And “Dangerous” is my all time fav. Check this out-

    Your last paragraph says it all, and though I cannot speak for Michael, I feel sure that he would so appreciate what you say here.

    I love you.
    2012, I do believe, shall be even more dramatic but, I also think more compassionate world too.

    Wishing you more wondrous of awe to come…
    ♥ & ☼

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