Conrad Murray: Guilty! – My thoughts

My reaction to the verdict of Conrad Murray: Guilty!

I knew this could happen, I suspected it would happen, and this does not change anything for me in my belief that MJ is alive.

Let me back up on my thoughts on this.

In 1993 and 2005, Michael Jackson was brought forth into the judicial system on molestation charges.  I’m sure it boggled not only MJ’s mind, and his family’s mind, but also MJ’s friends and fans’ minds that Michael Jackson, an innocent man, could find himself in the position to even be brought to trial.

Really, think about this.  Think if it was you.  Someone accuses you of something that is so far from your nature that you in your mind think, this is absolutely ludacris  and no one will believe this.  However, as the days goes on you realize that people are starting to believe the lies.  Even more hurtful is some of the people who claimed to love and know you are believing it too.  Then the last straw is as you enter into the court room, “evidence” has been fabricated to support the lies.

I’m sure the question on MJ’s mind would be: how in the hell could the judicial system be so corrupt as to allow a completely innocent man to wind up in court and possibly convicted of something completely fabricated?  Challenge is the only people who would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that MJ is innocent would be MJ himself and his accusers.  Oh and most importantly, God.

By God’s grace, MJ was found not guilty.  That does NOT erase the fact that it could have gone the other way and MJ, AN INNOCENT MAN, could have gone to jail for a crime that he did not commit…. All in the name of money.

How many other people have been wrongly convicted and it had gone unnoticed?  How many others have lost their lives due to being framed for something they didn’t do!

I believe that MJ would want to expose this corruption and speak for those men and women wrongly convicted who were now voiceless.

Enter hoaxville.

From the start I have said that this is not just a game.  Many ARG’s have been constructed that have an element of social awareness…. Open our eyes to the true state of the world.  I believe MJ is doing that right now.

How could it be displayed that the judicial system could actually wrongly find someone guilty of a crime that they beyond doubt did not commit?  And how could it be displayed on such a grand scale that people would have to take notice?

How about murdering one of the most recognizable faces in the world?  Oh but wait, then proving that he didn’t do it by producing the victim as being alive.

To me Conrad Murray HAD to be found guilty to PROVE that there is something wrong with the way things are done.

So for many this verdict is virtually the end.  Justice for MJ!  To me it’s just entering a new phase of getting true justice.  Not just for MJ but for we the people who are supposedly protected by a flawed system.

So people keep your seatbelts on…. I don’t believe this ride is over…. The best is yet to come!


~ by lilwendy on November 7, 2011.

One Response to “Conrad Murray: Guilty! – My thoughts”

  1. I so agree with you Wendy. To me, this is a jump-atart to what happened to MJ in 2005 and those of us who work for MJ innocence advocacy are further invigorating in our efforts.

    Michael has been well aware of what media got & gets away with for sure.

    The best part for me, as I watched CNN coverage the BEST part was that while they were reporting, 1/2 of the screen they were showing pics of Michael just prior. to the reading of the verdict. ALL of the dz. or so were of MJ in 2005 for that trial. Only 2 I’m not sure that they were taken then (though I think so); 1 w/MJ in black as if giving a speech & the other of him in his white shirt & red suit jacket enthusiastically showing the peace sign. This was the best part of the coverage to me !!!

    Wendy, my friend, you will appreciate the statement that Wesley & me wrote on behalf of LMJ-

    God’s speed to Michael
    ♥ & ☼ in Michael’s ☼ of ♥

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