Use me Lord

So lately I’ve been really quiet.  I’m committed to keep track of TIAI redirects and commenting on those as I feel inspired to.  I haven’t really been following the trial other than reading people’s updates on Twitter (thank you to all of you who have been keeping us updated!)  I’ve been really frustrated. Like I should be doing something that I’m not currently doing.

I said before that this 2+ year journey has taught me a few things.

It has renewed my faith in God.  It has given me the skills to confirm and convict myself in what I believe.  It has shown me what God can do in a life dedicated to His service… and I want that.

I want God to do great things in my life.  I want Him to use me in such a way that when people see what He does through me, they will shake their head in amazement.

What I haven’t been willing to do is get out of my comfort zone, open myself up to criticism, rejection, embarrassment and ridicule.  Part of me has LOVED hiding behind this computer and researching.  It’s safe.  I realized though that I need to find more of a balance.

This group of crazy MJ fans that have come together, believers, non-believer, whatever, have been such a blessing in my life.  You have encouraged me, challenged me, prayed for me and my family, you have lusted after gold pants pictures with me hahaha and you have brought me back to where I should be… appreciating the character of the man.  You are an online family to me… I will never give this online component up.  But I can’t stay in this zone only.

I need to get out into my physical surroundings and connect with people face to face.  I need to find out what people are passionate about.   I want to just get around people and allow God to do his work through me.

So I can sing… but I don’t like to do it in public in front of people because I get scared.  I shake, get nervous, feel like I’m going to pass out.  So today I surrendered myself and I sang in front of about 60 people…. And almost passed out! Lol Knowing my singing capabilities and comparing it to how I did, I sucked big time! Lol  But strangely enough, people told me afterward that I sang beautifully and they were blessed by my song and ultimately I did NOT do that for my glory, but  for God’s.  I HATED DOING IT EVERY MINUTE OF IT!  I chose to do it though to let God work…. And apparently He did even with my shaky voice, lack of breath and dizziness, He still used ME!!!

I’m sharing this with you because we each have gifts, talents, and a purpose in life.  God wants to do something with you and your unique makeup.

MJ has been an amazing example of this for me.  He has many, many amazing gifts that he uses for God’s glory and I believe he has touched, and will continue to touch many lives for God.  That is God’s purpose for MJ’s life.

God has a purpose for our lives too! I urge you to find out what that is!  Spend time in prayer.  Ask God to show you what He has planned for you.  Make yourself available.  Use resources like spiritual gift assessments to help you figure some things out.  Get out there and do!  Go try some new things!  Get out of your comfort zone! You will be shocked what He will do through you.


~ by lilwendy on October 29, 2011.

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