Proverbs 3

This chapter is the put up or shut up chapter for me.  Basically am I just a Christian that is all talk or do I back it up with the walk.

In any relationship, if you know your partner expects certain things from you, out of love you will do those things (as long as it’s legal, moral, ethical and doesn’t buck God’s laws or man’s laws).  So how is a relationship with God any different?

So here’s the question:  God says if you love Me you will keep My commandments.  Period!  So in my actions, do I love God?  Or am I just giving lip service?

In Proverbs 3 God’s inspired Word urges us to “…forget not [His] law; but let thine heart keep [His] commandments…”

I won’t get into what those commandments are here but if you don’t know em you should look em up!

To commit to the commandments will produce long life and peace!

I must keep kindness and truth in my heart which will bring favor with God and man.

I must trust in God to guide me NOT my own thoughts.  I must keep God in the forefront of my heart and mind and to know Him intimately and He will guide me and keep me on the path of righteousness.

Give respect to God and His wisdom, do not glorify myself as the wise one!

Back up this love with my money (which is actually God’s money as He blessed me with it)!  This is the concept of tithing

When God’s word corrects me, don’t hate it.  It shows that God love me as He corrects those He loves.

Be joyful when wisdom is received as it is more precious that any rare precious metal, jewel, or anything in this world considered valuable.

To be wise produces riches, honor, wealth, joy, peace, and a long life.

God created the earth with wisdom.  He created order out of chaos.  Harmony out of disharmony.  Wisdom is what we need to restore the world to its natural state!

Following God, gaining wisdom and understanding, I will have no reason to fear.  God will keep me safe, keep me from stumbling, I will have peace.

Do not fear tragedies, have confidence that God will deliver me in those times.

Be quick to do good for others in whatever way I’ve been blessed to do so.

Do not plan to do evil to another… to take advantage of or exploit another.

Do not envy men on a path of wickedness no matter what you think they may have.  Do not follow his ways which are wicked ones.

What the wicked are to God:  An abomination, open to God’s curse, God’s scorn, shameful.

What the godly are to God:  Intimate, a blessing, open to God’s grace, an heir to glory.

So it’s pretty straightforward as to what path I would choose.  What about you?  Clearly EVERYONE would choose this path so really the questions are, do I believe God?  Do I believe the Bible is God’s word?

If I truly believe that the Bible is God’s holy and divine Word and that it is TRUTH… the ONLY truth…. And I believe in God… well then these Words and what they say to do ARE NOT AN OPTION.

And that my friends is what commitment is.  NO BACKDOOR.  You and me God.  On this journey that is just a vapour and will be over before we can blink an eye.

What will I choose to do?  Who will I choose to follow?  Will I commit to God?  I’m not gonna lie, it is a scary decision and it opens the door to the enemy attacking.  But it’s what I must do.

I commit to You God…. My life, my heart, my soul, my mind.  Protect me and keep me in Your ways and on the path of righteousness.

Also, God, please be with the people who read this far.  Help them to decide (no fence sitting) to live their lives for YOU.  I pray for their strength.

Love you guys!


~ by lilwendy on September 3, 2011.

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