Proverbs 2

Proverbs 2

So life hit and I wasn’t able to update my blog, my apologies.  Funny how just when you commit to doing something for God (no matter how small) the enemy puts things in your way to throw you off.  Well, in those cases, just remember (and remind the devil boldly) that God is bigger and better!!! J

So anyway, Proverbs 2!

I must receive God’s word, study it, memorize it (hide it in my heart).

I must pay attention to wisdom and understanding

I must passionately pursue wisdom as I would a treasure.

If I walk uprightly, in righteousness, in God’s ways, He will shield me.

When I am wise I will have discretion (be able to tell right from wrong, evil from godly, etc.)

I will be torn away from those who are foolish, who walk in darkness, who want to do evil, from flattering women (for men) who are up to no good.

These people are heading to death.

So to summarize, if I want a life of fulfillment and joy, protection from evil, and a built in radar that will alert me to the evil things and people, pull me away to a path of good, then I should have the deepest respect for God, I should hunger for God’s word, meditate on it day and night, and make it a part of me.

I can’t help but think of MJ reading his Bible daily, hiding the word in his heart…. Sigh…. Only God knows His plan for MJ but what I do know is that God would NEVER leave MJ or forsake him.  Everything happening now is for a greater purpose and a grander plan than we can imagine.

I have to ask myself, am I allowing God to use me?  Am I playing my role well?  The role that God made me for in THE Greatest Show on Earth?  God’s movie? I pray I am…. And I pray you are too.

May God strengthen you as you continue learning more about Him and falling madly in love with Him.





~ by lilwendy on September 2, 2011.

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