Proverbs 1

Ok well this month I am going to be studying Proverbs, one chapter per day, with the exception of September 30th where I’ll study two chapters.

I’m going to put it on this blog to share what I learn from it and hopefully get feedback, get challenged, etc.  to continue growing.  I try to write in a way that things are for ME to do, ME to change, etc.  You will see a lot of I am, I need to…. When you read, internalize it so the I is for you as well.

Thank you in advance to all of you who will read my posts and join me and help me in the journey.

Proverbs – General

Written by Solomon, son of David and Bathsheba

Known for wisdom and love of women

God asked him what he wanted, riches or power, and Solomon said he wanted wisdom.

He was granted both riches and wisdom and was known as the richest man who ever lived and the wisest.

He unified the 12 tribes (which fell apart upon his death)

A proverb is a moral or theme… a lesson… usually comparing one thing or way to another.

Proverbs 1

Written by Solomon for the purpose of wisdom and instruction (instruction being correction/discipline) and understanding (to be able to tell good from evil)

Ok so who likes being corrected or disciplined?  Expect that as I read through Proverbs I am going to come face to face with things that I am off base on and will need to change.

God, help me to have an open heart and to realize that You and I can change anything that is despicable in me.


I will be learning what is wise, how to do what is right in God’s eyes.

I will learn to think for the future, be responsible in my decisions, and not naïve.

If I am wise, I will hear (which means to listen AND obey) and continue on this journey of learning more.

I will understand the satire of the proverb, the mocking words and the riddles and difficult sayings found in the chapters.

To respect God and His ways is the beginning of wisdom.

A fool will dismiss these teachings and wisdom as unimportant (despise doesn’t necessarily mean hate)

Many of us think “I don’t HATE these teachings, I just don’t find them relevant or important”  I must beware of this thinking… I must place HIGH IMPORTANCE on incorporating Proverbs, righteousness, and God’s ways into my way of living… of being.

Listen and obey your father’s instruction.  Don’t cast off your mother’s direction. (I guess this is assuming my parents are teaching God’s ways?)

My parents will be an adornment to me

Sinners will try to lead me astray (remember I am a sinner too – beware of internal dialogue) – STAY STRONG AND RESIST

If they say let us steal some wine (blood figuratively)  or be up to no good for no reason or devour people for our own gain, DO NOT WALK WITH THEM, DO NOT FOLLOW THE SAME PATH.

They are quickly heading towards evil ways.   They will lay the net to catch and ensnare others but will end up entrapping themselves.  Live by the sword die by the sword comes to mind.  They will be greed and succeed in unrighteous ways to secure that success, however it’s by those ways they will also secure their own destruction.

Wisdom is now personified saying that she cries out everywhere (not quietly, not in secret, but in very public places), how long will you stay closed minded, naïve, sleeping with your eyes open.

People will mock at these teaching and will enjoy doing so.  They hate knowledge.

When I am corrected via these words, TURN AROUND, 180 degrees, go the other way! God WILL send the Holy Spirit to help and I will be made aware and understand these words.

Is this Wisdom calling?  Yes I have felt a nagging, a tugging at my heart to do better, live more righteously, etc.  This is “the calling” the “stretching out of a hand”? Will I refuse or accept?

If I refuse, no one will feel sorry for my misfortune because it’s my own fault!  I chose poorly.  I will be met with laughter and mocking.

WHEN… not IF…. WHEN destruction, ruin, devastation, disaster, distress, anguish come then the fools will call for God…  help me God!!!   He will not answer.  Where are you God?  He will not be found.

So if I choose to disrespect God, to not listen to these words of wisdom,  I will reap the consequences of my OWN decisions.  This is not God punishing me for going against Him.  This is natural CAUSE AND EFFECT.

Just like God designed this planet to work in harmony.  When we change the dynamics of the earth…. Kill His creatures, kill his creation by cutting down trees, there will by default be disharmony.  God is not lashing out per se but we are seeing the EFFECT of our decisions.

But for those who listen, we shall be confident and at ease (in real prosperity, peace of mind) and without fear.

Wow… well this month is definitely going to be an education and the challenge will be to OBEY these words but God and the Holy Spirit will help me.

Again, praise God and thank you for every person, even if only one, who will join me in this journey.


~ by lilwendy on September 1, 2011.

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