My thought on newest redirect – Martin Luther

First of all I want to thank you for allowing me to speak my mind and I am not trying to impose my views on people.  You can choose to read what I have to say from this point on or not.

I am going to talk about God and religion and my beliefs on this one because this is the nature of the redirect! 🙂

So if you are not into religion… great! Please understand that what I am about to say IS NOT about a RELIGION.  It is about a personal relationship with God.  This does not happen in a church building.  This does not happen by sitting in a pew and listening to a priest on Sunday.  It does not happen by being a good person. It doesn’t happen by choosing to take a Sabbath rest.  It’s a RELATIONSHIP!

I truly believe Michael believes in God and I believe part of his message to us is to get that relationship right.  Not to join a particular religion.

Please hear my heart.

I heard this YouTube clip from Lenny Kravitz on Another Day from about 0:46 and he says this song is about Michael’s relationship with God (1:47)

Listen to the words with that in mind…

My life has taken me beyond the planets and the stars

And You’re the only one that could take me this far

I’ll be forever searching for Your Love

I walked away but I was wrong (I can’t make it another day)

You’re the one that makes me strong (I can’t make it another day)

You’re the Fire that keeps me warm (I can’t make it another day)

How will I get through this storm? (I can’t make another day without your love)

At night pray before I sleep in hope of finding You

I’ve opened up my heart, I want You to come through

I close my eyes, I’m searching for Your Love


I walked away but I was wrong (I can’t make it another day)

You’re the one that makes me strong (I can’t make it another day)

You’re the Fire that keeps me warm (I can’t make it another day)

How will I get through this storm? (I can’t make another day without your love)

Michael said himself that he does everything with his fans in mind… he loves us.

The guy knew the influence he had and continues to have.  I’m sure it was a burden on his heart as to how he was influencing the fans (the value he was adding to our lives).  Of course, this is just my thoughts on things but I really think he wanted us to know about God and to… sigh… I don’t know what I’m trying to say…

Then this new redirect comes up, , about Martin Luther and some things that stood out on this page are..

  • Luther taught that salvation is not earned by good deeds but received only as a free gift of God’s grace through faith in Jesus as redeemer from sin.
  • The Bible is the only source of divinely revealed knowledge.
  • We do not need a man to intervene for us… we can go directly to God.
  • It is the responsibility of EVERY believer in God to spread and preach the Christian faith – not just the responsibility of a handful of elite in the church.
  • Luther believed human beings could learn about God only through divine revelation and Scripture therefore became increasingly important to him.
  • He became convinced that the church was corrupt in its ways and had lost sight of what he saw as several of the central truths of Christianity.
  • The most important for Luther was the doctrine of justification – God’s act of declaring a sinner righteous – by faith alone through God’s grace.
  • Luther planned a disappearance and was escorted away to a secure location where he planned some attacks. J
  • “Be a sinner, and let your sins be strong, but let your trust in Christ be stronger, and rejoice in Christ who is the victor over sin, death, and the world. We will commit sins while we are here, for this life is not a place where justice resides.”
  • Luther preached eight sermons, which became known as the “Invocavit Sermons.” In these sermons, he hammered home the primacy of core Christian values such as love, patience, charity, and freedom, and reminded the citizens to trust God’s word rather than violence to bring about necessary change.

Michael read the Bible daily (by his own confession).  I know many of you don’t want to hear this but this is what I believe to be the only source of truth in a world full of lies, deceit and illusion.  The Bible.  God’s Word.

It boils down again to what the Bible tells us is our sole purpose here on this earth: Love God, and love others.  We will love God when we learn about Him (through reading His Word) and when we love Him, we will love His children.

I love you all.  Thank you for reading. God bless you on your journeys.


~ by lilwendy on January 15, 2011.

11 Responses to “My thought on newest redirect – Martin Luther”

  1. Amazing post, Wendy! I think you are absolutley correct about what Michael saw as his mission and how his views and beliefs tie in to everything else. This redirect and your blog have really opened my eyes on a lot of issues today. I have over the years become very cynical about organized religions- and at some point realized that this had turned me away from faith itself. I still consider myself spiritual, but not necessarily religious. However, this redirect really made me think deeply about the fact that seeing corruption in some forms of organized religions must not result in turning away from God and his word.
    As for Michael, I think you are right on target when you point out that his great power at times must have frightened him. With great power does come great responsibility (I know my and his journey can very well be seen as a means to (re) open the eyes of people to what is important.
    Thanks for the great post!

    • Thanks Erika! And just think, each one of us has that same influence on those around us (beit on a smaller scale) and we too need to realize the responsibility we have to live a life of love and to guide people to truth. Organized religion is a thing of man and this world. I am so glad that you will keep God and His Word in your heart. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Oh Wendy this so touched my heart! This is exactly what I have been trying to get people to see from the very beginning of my journey!! What Michael is doing is giving a big wake up call. I believe this with all my heart! Michael taught through his music and his speeches and interviews. I get mail all the time of people telling me that this journey with Michael has brought them closer to Christ….Just HOW amazing is that. Michael attending to the needs of the less fortunate and spreading the message of Jesus, and is loved world wide. Truly as the bible has said, old things will pass away and I will make all things new. A new generation of believers are on the rise. Those that understand and accept the message of Grace. Those that refuse to accept the message of grace will be missing out on this wonderful transfomation that is taking place. God Bless you lilwendy sending you LOVE…Victoria

    • My lovely Victoria! I KNOW you and I feel the same on this topic! Thank you for your words and may God continue to bless you and guide you on your journey…. AND have others follow Him because of you! 🙂

  3. We see eye to eye on a lot of things Wendy. We must be on the same wavelength or something ♥ 🙂

  4. Thanks Wendy for your faith and continually analyzing and breaking down Michael’s and most of all Christ’s message. This is truly a blessing to get others to understand the God of this universe and how he wants to love us and show us his ways. May God continually bless you as you go forth.

  5. nice post.
    I think of God when I hear this song.
    What you say her is very thought & I think insightful.
    I feel as though it is attuned to Michael too.
    When I consider what Michael has done, I often think of what a strong relationship with the God of his understanding must be.
    My guess is that he keeps his communication with God flowing.
    And you too.
    Me ? I probably don’t take the time to meditate enough.
    This is a very special listening that is so valuable.

    I hope the Christmas season enhanced you love & faith in beautiful ways, Wendy.

    much ♥ to you…

  6. thanks wendy…I never thought about that song being about god but now that I’ve read your post I think I agree…:)

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