Response to TIAI 11/21

Redirected to:

Talking about Jackie O and new memoirs….

Well it looks like there is gonna be some unfolding of mysteries. 🙂

So just to review some redirects where TS talked about re: JFK.

R31 – George Cover

R32 – Google Search George

R33 – Murder JFK Jr.

R35 – Conspiracy Murders

R99 – JFK Assassination Cover Up

See “ – to date” for all the redirects.

TIAI Revealed Pt. 7 NWO Powers Control the Media:

TIAI Update #5B DO you Think 4 your Self? Section 5-6:

To summarize it talks about corruption among leaders, media control, money control, funding agendas, grassy knoll theories and how many know there is a larger conspiracy behind JFK’s death.

Jackie O knew stuff.  I pray she told all in her memoirs.  Jackie O and MJ were friends.  I’m sure MJ was made aware of the corruption and like so many others, they took MJ down (so they thought… hee hee)

And on the 47th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, let’s watch this video with an open mind and allow our eyes to be opened.


~ by lilwendy on November 22, 2010.

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