Random Ranting

Warning: LONG Biblical Post – read at your own risk

Second warning: this is a mental dump and may end up being really long, and having no real point, however, I really just want to use you… you who take the time to read my blog… as a sounding board for my thoughts and hopefully spur discussion.

So continuing on last night’s post and the realization that my beliefs have been formed by the media, I was thinking… who is doing the programming and why?

I guess we have to keep asking the questions and digging deep.

Why are people studying the effects of media on the masses?

Think about it!  There are a ton of people all over the world who have governing bodies keeping them in line.

Who do those governing bodies take their orders from?   Are their motives pure or not pure?  What is their end game?  What do they wish to accomplish?

Personal opinion but I believe they want to keep us controlled with feeling controlled.

I’ve spoken about this before dumbing down of society.  Don’t think why you are doing something, just do it.  Just do it… hmmm…. Nike, was there some programming there? 😉

Funny I was just thinking, the Bible talks about the blessings of having child like faith.  MJ talks about being like a child.  Well I remember when my kids went through the “why” phase.  Why is the sky blue? Why do we call a dog a dog?  Why why why.  We should ask why a lot of things are the way they are in the world.

Why are there so many people starving around the world while others have so much excess that they throw out their left over food?

Why do we believe that we can’t do anything about it… or it’s too big of a task?

Why does a girl get gang raped and people think she would be ok with them posting it on YouTube and Facebook?

Why do so many people sit by and do nothing?

These are questions I’ve asked myself because I have been guilty of non-action.

We have been programmed to not rock the boat, to go with the flow, to accept the status quo.  Why is this ok?  Why is this the norm?

I believe this is way bigger than keeping a people in control.  I believe this is a spiritual battle.  I believe satan has dominion over this world and is doing everything to slowly move people away from living a life of integrity and truth and desensitizing people.

People are so bent on what other people think… they want to be cool, they want to fit it, they want to be accepted, they want to be part of the masses.  It’s not cool to be different.

What’s cool is living life in the gray area.  Living a life of justification of anything and everything.  Living a life of acceptance of everything and anything.  How did I become part of a world where everything is ok and nothing is really wrong?  And God forbid if we say something is wrong, and try to uphold a standard, we are shunned… we are made to be a weird, wacko, obsessive, too religious, goody goody, square?

It’s cool to sexualize young girls because that’s what we see in the media?  You’re cool if you’re sexy?  I saw a girl, around 14 today, dressed for Halloween as a bee.  Cute right?   Picture this… she had a black and yellow tight low cut top on, push up bra (pushing up all the right things), a little yellow tutu with a black bikini bottom type of top, fish net stockings and stilettos.  Very sexy… at 14… I’ll bet no one corrected her!  I’ll bet if anyone said uh maybe that isn’t the most appropriate thing to wear showing half your butt cheeks that they would be seen as wrong for saying that.  For judging!  Arrrggghh!

Turn the tables.  Why is it ok for someone to tell a conservative girl, hey you need to show more skin and look more sexy?  Is that not judging as well (if the opposite way is seen as judgment).

I know I’m rambling but this gets me hot!  WHERE ARE THE STANDARDS ANYMORE?

I choose the Bible as my standard.  I choose to read my Bible as my Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.  I don’t want to be quiet about it either.  Why should I?  I am proud that I have standards.  I’m proud to say I don’t swear.   I’m proud to say I don’t jump in bed with every Tom Dick and Harry.  I’m proud to say I am living my life in the direction of righteousness.  I am proud to say I try not to be judgmental of those around me.


I know there are forces that want me to believe that I don’t have to be so black and white.  There are forces that want me to believe the lies mixed in with truth.

I believe we are being warned of the corruption that is happening around us, and more importantly within our own minds, and we are not listening (I include myself in this as I often justify things and think I’m doing better than I probably really am).

Today’s redirect states in Luke 16:21-26 that if we…. If I am not listening to the warnings told to me now, who says I’m gonna listen even if someone comes back from the dead to tell me?

All I know is “ …if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15 (NIV)




~ by lilwendy on October 31, 2010.

5 Responses to “Random Ranting”

  1. Hi Lilwendy

    I wanted to thank you for the stand that you take when posting comments over in MJDHI and also the truth that you post here on your forum. That place can be very trying at times with all the unbelief in Christ, the very man that Michael patterned his life after. Like you are stating here, we have to be bold and take a stand for Christ and not be passive, that whatever one chooses to believe is fine. If we really Love Jesus and his message we have to stand strong and steadfast for it, just as we stand for Michael.

    Michael was not ashamed of Jesus, and it is true that he did not fault anyone for their non belief just as Jesus did not come to condemn but to give life. But Michael was not hesitant about showing his love and belief in Christ. I am certain that there were people that opposed Michael in his private life about his belief, and I am certain he is unwavering in his faith. I am also sure that Michael had questions about the bible that he didn’t understand. I read in the book the Michael Jackson tapes which I only took to heart what Michael stated, he said he didn’t understand the whole garden of Eden thing, he thought it was a metaphor, but I think later on some of his very close friends that were close to Jesus may have explained such things to him, such as Rodney Jerkins.

    I had heard Rodney on a TBN program talking about spending time in prayer with Michael, and Rodney takes a strong stand for Christ in the industry.
    I have been posting a lot of my thoughts and convictions in MJDHI when TS redirects to Bible scripture, and so many get offended. They don’t consider that their unbelief may offend those of us who do believe, so I take their comments with a grain of salt but I don’t feel like I can stand down and sugar coat what Jesus is about and what is coming on the earth. God does not care about people being offended in their disbelief, he gives them choice indeed but that choice can mean life or death. I feel the need to make it clear what those choices can mean regardless of their disbelief.

    I feel it is important to be kind and present Christ with love, but I really had some major disagreements come along about TS post on Job. Everyone wants to put the metaphoric interpretation on it. I can’t help but feel TS has some very direct meaning to scripture that he posts. The reason that I feel this is because if you remember TIAI Revealed Part 7 R40. He is speaking directly of putting on the whole armor of God, and I don’t feel that there is anything metaphoric that can be interpreted In that post. I think it is very direct, and there were some others posts that were very strong and showed a very direct and strong faith in Christ, which is where I feel Michael is now. I hope with TS that what he is seeing with the controversy and the offence is not becoming discouraged and feeling the need to back down.

    I believe we all grow spiritually every day, we have to or we will become stagnate. I think Michael has grown so much since he has been away and I know he is directed by God. So what TS was referencing in the beginning, was what drew me into TIAI. I was never a fan, I liked Michael’s music and thought he was extremely talented, but I didn’t follow his career or anyone’s for that matter. When I heard news reports of the child abuse back in 05 I felt in my spirit that it was all lies, and I didn’t have the relationship then with Christ that I do now. So when 6/25 happened I had the strangest feeling that something was not quite right, like it was not real, that was the first thought that entered my mind. But I just accepted it and moved on. It wasn’t until last December that this revelation came to me to study Michael’s life and career, but mostly find out everything I could about who he is and not what he does.

    This has been the most life altering journey of my entire life. So I can’t just pass it off as fan infatuation and what TS is doing seems so surreal. But is so powerful, and I ask God WHY!! Why me, why now, why Michael, and what is the purpose, and it all seemed to unfold with what TS has shown. As I was learning of Michael, I began to grieve very deeply, not that I thought he passed away, but for the lack of his presents and the message that he carried and lived. I have never experineced anything like it, it is gut wrenching at times. Sometimes I go for days and everything is fine and then out of no where this grief will hit me and all I can do is get alone with God and pray for Michael! Then I have periods of peace. I know it may sound silly but it is almost like what the bible speaks of a woman having labor pains, it somes in strong waves the grief. So then I ask WHY!

    It seems we are going through a dry spell maybe of testing our faith to see who the true believers are, because so many think it is about the entertainment. Those have fallen away long ago, that don’t understand the end time purpose of this. I really appreciated your post about Michael being mistreated and what he is having to endure now. Yes I believe God was building character and perseverance in Michael as he seems to have been doing with him at a very early age. But we know this if we believe Michael was chosen before the foundation of the world to do a work for Christ in the end time. Who in the world can get the attention of people be it good or bad, and who can influence more people. That is the very reason the elite want to take him down. What Michael is doing seems unfathomable to the human mind but never the less it is taking place. The thing that weights on my mind is how he will return and how he will be received, and how hard will it be for people to believe that it is him? Look at what has already happened to the album coming out.

    Well girl I just said all this to say I appreciate you and what you stand for and want to encourage you to say strong in the face of opposition, I hope we have more people like you in this army than not. Sending you so very much LOVE….Victoria

    • Victoria…. thank you….. I hope one day you’ll know how truly timely and deeply appreciated your words have been for me. Let me just say, you are not alone in these thoughts you’ve expressed. Especially the “birth pains”. It is the strangest thing but I get the exact same way. I’ll be fine, happy, focused, ready to kick some butt and then whamo I am crying and praying for God to be with MJ, his family, and for everyone on MJDHI and their journeys. We are all on a journey and it’s a spiritual one for every one of us (whether we realize it or not). Victoria, pray for everyone on that site…. they are there for a reason. God is working miracles. Even with this blog here I see it. I just started this to keep track of my thoughts and cool things about the hoax and to share ideas. That’s all. I can’t believe what it’s become. I’ve had people asking me about God, what Bible version I study from, different things… marriage issues, kid issues, etc. It’s crazy! No sorry it’s not crazy… it’s GOD! 🙂

      • God bless you Wendy…I am so happy that you get the response here on yur blog that you do. It is wonderful that we can create an outreach to so many from anywhere in the world. You never know who sees and reads that you don’t know about! My channel on YT is mostly dedicated to show Michael’s relationship with Jesus and what he stands for and what he is passionate about, and I do get different ones come to me wanted to talk of the very thing happening in their life that you and I have. I can’t believe just how many people have had the exact same experience. A Phsycologist would try to explain it away, and you might could see resaoning in it if it were just fans, but when you take people that had no pryor major connection to Michael, you have to know that like you say something very spiritual is taking place on the earth,

        I was astounded with the story about the 14 year old girl that was healed of cancer at Neverland. I cried for two day when I read that. It was just something that hit me so deeply of the work that took place there. I know Joe had said Michael never wanted to live in the US again after the trial, and Michael had said he didn’t want to ever live at Neverland again, but I have felt so strongly the God had and still has a major work to be done there involving Michael. I have prayed and I know that God can take the hurt and pain and the horrible memories away from him. And that Neverland can be resurrected again and wonderful things can happen there again. Maybe just my wishfull thinking, but wishfull thinking turned into mighty faithfilled prayers can work miracle I believe.

        Please stay in touch and let me know your thought at anytime you need to unload. You can email me at my gmail account and I can share some very amazing things with you that have happened in my life since this revelation of Michael back in December…

      • Thanks so much Hun!

  2. oh gosh, Wendy.
    I ask so many of the same questions as you.
    Over these months, I’ve gotten so (I don’t know what to call it) because I just have not been able to understand why more people haven’t cared to stand up for Michael’s innocence, regardless of whether or not they believe he’s alive or not. I just don’t understand. all this talk about how much people love Michael. I’ve never, ever seen anything like this, except for maybe towards Dr.King.
    Thing is, not everyone is going to think like me & don’t expect them to, but ever since that awful day, the same word, from “Human Nature, returns to me, “Why, why ?”
    What happened to actions speak louder than words ?
    WWhy do people cop-out when I mention speaking up to the media, “oh, that’s just what they do”, “It’s just for money.”
    Why do people turn their heads away from something or someone they declare to care about ?
    I just don’t get it.
    Then to top it off today I see a post that someone wants to raise money, by hiring a PI, to find Michael ?
    What about empathy ? Did people lose it or not ever learn about it ?
    It got to be a long story & I’m tired.
    Just glad someone understands.

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