Thoughts on TIAI 10/30 War of the Worlds

Ok so TIAI redirected to War of the Worlds as one of the Greatest Hoaxes Ever today.

So I started reading up on this hoax and went down a rabbit hole as usual that took me down several paths:  Radio Project, Rockefellers, CBS, Sony, social experiments, etc.

What I came across and where my thoughts took me I will attempt to note down here but I really feel like I’m losing my mind right now! LOL

The lines of the truth and lies are blurring. Period.

That’s really what I came up with.  🙂

That’s all… thanks for reading!  🙂

Just kidding.

The reason War of the Worlds was so believable was because it combined what most people took as reality (news broadcasts, interrupting programs with information, etc.) with a fictious story (alien invasion) and thus people believed it.

Well we are living in this world on a daily basis!

Here’s a couple of articles I read while in the rabbit hole:

Then I started thinking:  All the crapola on TMZ, the disclaimer that states clearly that none of the articles are necessarily true, and on sites like CNN that have the same disclaimer…. NOTHING that is presented to us in the media is necessarily true!  In fact, journalists can fabricate information with no repurcussions, and mix it with truth, stick a photograph with the picture (that could be from a totally different time) and sell it as a truthful article!

Then a couple of thoughts crossed my mind…. Well if journalists can write articles as truth, then why can’t I?  Why can’t I just start creating a truth for myself on my blog…. Because I blogged about it, does that mean it’s now true?

Then I thought, ok here I am … the past 16 months my truth in my heart has been that MJ is alive, despite all the media telling me he is dead.  Polls asking if people think MJ is alive or dead.  Hey…. Is this all part of a massive project to see what is people’s reality… what they will believe?

Then I remember TS talking about coming up with a coherent theory.  One that combines everything that we “know” into one story… one believable story.   This was triggered while reading one of the articles above.  It states that “writers of fiction use fact to make their work believable.”   So the bottom line is, what do we believe is believable?  I could make up ANYTHING and as long as I mix it with fact, enough truth to make it plausible, then people just may believe MJ is alive.

Some of us can believe that MJ would fake his death, and leave his family for over a year, for some greater good.  Some of us can’t comprehend him leaving his kids for that long so he couldn’t be alive.  But which is true?  It’s all perception.

We my friends are getting quite the lesson on understanding why we believe what we believe.

I will be posting more on this, however, it is almost 3am and I’m concerned I may not be thinking entirely clearly at this point!  🙂


~ by lilwendy on October 30, 2010.

One Response to “Thoughts on TIAI 10/30 War of the Worlds”

  1. Interesting that you should question this “Hey…. Is this all part of a massive project to see what is people’s reality… what they will believe?” Ah, ha……..
    Certainly not by medialoids that are just out to make more money of which there are many.O’Wreckly (O’Reilly) caring about what his audience will think, let alone his employer, FOX, who is now God willing getting what comes to them ?
    A “Political Commentator” he’s referred to as. Oh really,
    reilly, one who riles. This excuse for a man has no sense of ethics & morals yet is employed as a political commentator, as a spokesperson for media, which is supposed to represent the voice of the people. ? ? ?
    And what about D Deamon (Dimomd) who is considered a reporter ?
    She distorts facts to back her own demented opinion of MJ, then gets it into print, in addition to the fact that she accompanied Sssneddon to Neverland on many occasions. Now these are 2 examples of people who are just sick, out of touch with truth & instigators of discord amongst the public at large. These 2 are examples of people who divide mankind rather than work to unify, as do their employers.
    Geraldo part of a massive project ? Hmmm…I don’t think so. He’s a little brighter than that. He used to show up as an innocence advocate for MJ, but quite a while ago he took all the MJ refs. off of he web-site. Looks to me as though he sold-out. I could be wrong but why ? Look who he works for. This man is famous, why doesn’t he just start his own thing ? Remember how he got his name on the map ? For exposing the abuse of Willowbrook Institution. Because of what he did, institutions have been shut down since. He fought. I wish he’d continue to fight. What happens to people that they compromise their integrity ?
    Project, schomject. What happened of integrity & standing by what one believes ? Did the MJ haters get him down ? I think not; they never had before.

    It’s about control; big bucks & billionaires with fat contracts that attempt to rule others & have succeeded to a large degree, for far too long. ABC, CBS, MSNBC & FOX credit for being part of a project ? There’s some competition & game playing going on but, no project to show Americans how ignorant we’ve been. That’s too nice a thought.
    And who’s the Queen here ? Yup, the “great” Ms. O- Oprah. Notice that other media only say about Oprah what Oprah wants them to, when she ants them to. Remember how her MJ “tribute” was advertised weeks in advance to prompt viewers & ratings ? Yeah, but also note that there were no reviews. Why ? Because she got bashed. Now Ms.O wouldn’t want her little followers & the public at large to know that she got bashed, now would she ?
    She’s a project all right. A project of hypocrisy in action.
    Her favorite subject is soul (yeah, right) AND there are far too many people who don’t see through her fakery. It’s all about shufflin’ money at whoevers expense.

    Wendy, what you are hitting upon here is the fact that clearing Michael’s name is a huge undertaking ! Huge ! Once we succeed in proving to the public that he was innocent, the whole face of media could cave in. Walter Cronkite must turn in his grave. Why do you think he set out to do his own thing later in life ? He loved his work as a journalist & considered a work-a-holic by many. He was as dedicated to his work as people can get. I dare say it wasn’t just for retirement purposes. He most probably didn’t care to be part of the game; not project. Remember how he used to sign-off “And that’s the way it is”, not could be, would be, should be; IS. He reported the news objectively, based upon facts. Simple truth with integrity.

    TMZ, on the other-hand…….I have thought for a long time now that TMZ is set-up deliberately as an experiment; set-up to invite all kinds of reaction.
    What is TMZ anyway ? TMZ can’t be labeled a tabloid or news media or entertainment source because they do it all. Sometimes print & report speculation & hear-say (“undisclosed sourse” …what the ____ ? That has validity for news ? give us a break. If you notice, this is an out used by many), other times gossip, other times trash, other times they simply state facts. So, since Harvey Levin attended that horrid trial of MJ (as an innocence advocate), his biz has proceeded other “news” sources, of most MJ updates since that awful day, has consistently reported MJ news since and nonchalantly encourages MJ fans to watch them AND seems to have been giving clues, I dare say TMZ is very questionably a media experiment.

    I hear ya; up ’til 3am myself…many 3am “nights” for Michael.
    It’s all good, it’s all worth it. I hope people realize that Michael didn’t, doesn’t, wouldn’t care for standing up to media JUST for him. This isn’t Michael; he cares about everybody. He cares about mankind & our survival. He knows that we must unite as people to insure the longevity of this beautiful Earth. He knows the extent to which media divides people and hinders the efforts to heal The Earth; heal ourselves. He knows that media continues to steal our time & energy. He would never want to have happen to him, happen to anyone else. I don’t mean to ever sound like I speak for Michael; I don’t mean to come off like that. I simply imagine how he has felt, over the last few years to see media’ play on that awful episode of his life. The perverse sensationalism over Michael opened the door further for media to say whatever they want to. “Free speech”, my _ _ _ _ (sorry, I get so angry over this at times). Of course, Michael isn’t responsible ! But does he feel responsible to an extent ? I hope not. It’s him that got made millions upon millions over; over lies ! It’s him that “they” used ! But, like Michael said “They who ? It’s up to us”

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