The Cryptographer? o_O – Day 1

Well this is extremely interesting!  🙂  Ok so today “The Cryptographer” came on the scene at MJDHI (

Don’t know what to make of this.  Is it someone truly trying to shed some light and give some answers? Is it someone just trying to keep us occupied and away from what we really need to do? Is it someone trying to discredited MJDHI?

Who knows!  Only time will tell! However, I love puzzles so much I’ll just solve them for the heck of it…

So what have I gotten from day 1 of the Cryptographer (according to him/her… I will stick with “him” from now on)?

The Cryptographer is a person who knows much about the hoax.

Decipher the codes and we will learn what he knows and we will be rewarded with clues.

We should do research on

Fidessah is a distraction and the enemy in all this.

The Illumminati are only one part of the hoax.

We must dig deep to find who is REALLY in control.

Re: – Fidessah now owns it.

You must find who owned MJHD first and ask who the true conspirators are.

What is the pyramid? The key to finding who designed it is to first understand just what the pyramid is.

Not all of is your enemy.

Who is fidessah?

The Cryptographer is a friend and will give the truth to those willing to dig it up.

Every puzzle and riddle we solve will bring us one step closer.

There is the pyramid.  But who built the pyramid? Who designed it?  The watchers (the illuminated) oversee “us” but who watches the watchers?  Who controls the whole show?

There is a puppet, and a puppet-master. The puppet-master controls the puppet. Who controls the puppet-master?

There is a door barring all from the truth. The truth can only be obtained by finding the key to unlock the door… and fidessah is that key.

Look to the truth behind the facts.

Well that’s it for day 1.  We’ll see what day 2 holds and in the meantime, I will continue researching some of this to find answers and will share whatever I find here on my blog.  🙂


~ by lilwendy on October 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Cryptographer? o_O – Day 1”

  1. “that’s all for now” ha, ha. You’re funny; that was a mouthful.
    I was just visiting at 2am & I hardly ever visit there.
    Synchronicity has been playin’ with me all the way throughout this saga of Michael’s. Makes it all even more fascinating.
    until part II…
    love ya

  2. Well, I just tried to get on the MJDHI website with no luck. Are you having this problem? I didn’t even catch this guy. This reminds me of what happened to the original MJHD website. A mystery person came on there with some possible inside information and then it crashed. Hope this is not the case for MJDHI…

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