Connecting the DOTS

Yes connect the dots has been ringing in my head all morning.  So has “all for L.O.V.E.”
I came across this series of videos – three parts – please invest 30 mins to watch it and then share it.
For me this tied in why the focus on LOVE LOVE LOVE and brought in DNA (not what I was thinking at all)
Also made me think of MJ’s words in shout (the only solution for peace is increasing the height of your spirituality, masses of minds shrouded clouded visions deception and indecision no faith or religion how we’re living, the clock is ticking, the end is coming, there’ll be no warning, but will we live to see the dawn)
Re: the lethal diet products
And I know some people are going to be rolling their eyes… illuminati junk again… NWO… global conspiracy… yeah right.
Well as was said before… time will tell the truth.
I would rather believe this “junk” and do something about it and be wrong (which would only be a good thing – I overreacted, people are laughing at me and now I’m living my life with love as the focus) vs not believing, thinking everything is fine and being deceived and controlled.
The choice is yours.

~ by lilwendy on August 6, 2010.

One Response to “Connecting the DOTS”

  1. hi littelwendy. the illuminati they are an elity of mens who are positions in the goverment. if i have right illuminati they have the namber 33 in ther simpolls and the piramid with the eye on the top;

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