Michael Jackson Lyrics – The Messages in his Songs

You know it’s all great to have an amazing beat but when you lose the message, it’s so sad.

I can’t believe I listened to MJ’s songs for years, sang along, knew all the words, but somehow missed the MESSAGES.

Michael, I apologize for hearing your music, but not heeding the words.


Another Part of me

Mission is to see the truth through

We need to send out a major love

Man in the Mirror

If we want to make this world a better place we have to start by changing ourselves

Leave Me Alone

The tabloids/media misrepresenting Michael and hounding him… not giving him ANY space!



About the state of the world – loss of love, false prophets instilling fear and doom, conditioning by the system, not knowing right from wrong, confusion and contradictions.

Why You Wanna Trip on Me

About the focus being on him as a star when there are WAY more pressing matters like world hunger, illiteracy, incurable diseases, gang violence, homelessness, drug addiction, corruption, police brutality, street walkers.  He then asks what are we doing about it?

Heal the World

Making the world better for future generations. Find love in your heart, care about the people around you, be a joyful giver, start to really live, create a world with no fear, let God’s light shine through you.

Black or White

Needing to rid of racial prejudices… maybe even referring to the fact that it really doesn’t matter whether his own skin is black or white (due to vitiligo)

Will You Be There

Asking God or a friend if they will be there through all the ups and downs.  Everyone trying to gain control over him, they have a role they want to see him fill, he’s tugged every which way.

Keep the Faith

Be confident, don’t worry about what others say, believe in yourself, keep your eyes on the prize, never give up on love, always believe in the power for love to make things right, straighten out your life, be faithful.

HIStory disc 2


The system is full of injustice, schemes, lies, they sell souls, try to convince you you’re wrong, tell one sided stories and cause confusion, change the rules in the middle of the game, they kick you down and the pressure is too much.

They Don’t Care About Us

The madness all around us like being a victim of police brutality, being dehumanized, having no rights, shamed, having your reputation tarnished, being trashed and bashed and looking to God to fulfill his promises of deliverance.

This Time Around

Someone wanted to control him, now they are on a mission to take him down, to use, abuse and falsely accuse him.

Earth Song

How we are abusing the earth, killing the animals and people who inhabit it.


He was telling us about Tom Sneddon and what a cold man he is.  How he is probably part of the CIA, BSTA, or KKK


How money is many people`s god.   They will  lie, spy, kill, die for it, even sell their soul to the devil. It could be the churchgoer, the government official, anyone who is corrupted.


About how Michael lost his childhood and all the wonderment and magic that that time should have been filled with.

Tabloid Junkie

Our fascination with tabloids, media, and how we must NOT believe everything that is published.  How the media can use its power to destroy a person.  How people who want to expose government bodies and the corruption will be permanently silenced (JFK & grassy knoll, Marilyn Monroe & heroin), if we read it & buy it, we are feeding the beast.

2 Bad

Being targeted and people wanting to get their piece of him.


About striving to make your mark in history and how people will try to take you down.  We have to move to higher ground, to come together across all the lands.  We view people in other countries as our brothers and not allow war and slaughter to occur.



The tabloids stalk him, take pictures, tell fabricated stories and sell confusion.  How much is too much when they go too far that it causes his friend to die trying to out run them.  All for what? He needs privacy.


A truth is being hidden.  If we all band together we can make a difference.  We can change the world.  We just have to reach for the truth.


Major ingredient for fear is the unknown.  They called MJ a monster.  I believe he is the monster that “they” should be threatened by.  What you have just witnessed could be the end of a particularly terrifying nightmare.

It isn’t. It’s the beginning.


On the Line

There will be hard times. You gotta have faith, patience and believe.  Things will happen in due time.  If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, change. Don’t dwell in the past, look forward to your future. Act out of love and go for what you want.

We’ve Had Enough

Violent crimes are happening all over the world.  Survivors are left to question why?  We should leave the decisions of whether someone should live or die, taking a life, to God.   We, as a people, need to speak up!  We need to tell the government that we’ve had enough of this BS!



Again about the system being in control, electric eyes are everywhere, everyone knowing who he is, telling him what he can and cannot do, having no personal life, having people write lies about him, and just needing to find a place where he can clear his head and get away.


About how back asswards the world is today.  People spending money they don’t have to keep up with the Joneses, killing for fun, joining clubs that turn out to be gangs, no peace of mind, running the rat race, loss of spirituality and family values contributing to wars and corruption around the world, how we are asleep with clouded minds, deceived and complacent, believing in nothing… sign of the times, end is coming with no warning.  We must unite, turn darkness to light, and have love shine in our hearts.

So having read these things within MICHAEL’S OWN SONGS, does it sound much different from what we’ve seen in This is It, from what TS has pointed out via redirects?

Heed the message people!  Michael’s been trying to tell us this FOR YEARS!!!


~ by lilwendy on August 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “Michael Jackson Lyrics – The Messages in his Songs”

  1. I truly agree with all his messages. I think that’s one of the reasons why he is such a great inspiration and a great person to look up to. He didn’t just make music so we could have fun with it, he wanted people to relate to it, understand what he is saying, and so you could actually get up and change the world and not to make dumb decisions. I love you Michael!<3

  2. There’s a place where we can pray in secret with God … and through Jesus Christ we speak in tongues … where our spiritual Lawyer will intercede on our behalf the; things we know not of and then is taken up with God – with a language not even Satin will understand! We allow the holy spirit to sort our prayers, believing all is heard, in Jesus name … Amen?

  3. Thank you very much, dear friend, for your explanation. And now it`s time to do something about it!!!

  4. i will forever cherish MJ.. his songs, his style, his life. his songs will forever be in our hearts and in our mind.

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