Results of my review

If you want to refer to the long post here it is:

Here’s the summary:

Even if you still believe that MJ is dead (or alive, but will never come back): the basic message is still just as important. So please don’t let doubt, as to whether MJ is still alive, stop you from helping to “heal the world”.

Who is TS?

TS = S.T.U.D.Y. from the old MJHD site

Not MJ!

Watch for TS predictions that come true as proof of his/her validity

Do NOT waste time trying to figure out who TS is.


Good investigators do not dismiss ANY avenue of investigation unless there is very solid evidence that it is not valid.

All information is there… it’s just waiting to be found.

We need a clear understanding of the evidence to determine if the information is valid.

Oppositions to anything should be backed by solid evidence… not mere opinion.

For those who want to go by truth, and not mere feelings, you need to base things on evidence. Truth can stand up to the test of evidence.

Do not trust the source of any evidence in any matter, trust the evidence itself.

The truth has nothing to lose by close examination: the “truth will prevail”!

Preparation for the BAM

We must put all the TIAI redirects together like pieces in a puzzle to get the big picture.

Help hoax believers understand the situation and message

We HAVE to understand the NWO conspiracy aspect and the importance of it before we are truly ready for a return.


We need to gather around MJ by joining MJ’s Army of LOVE

We need to love and support MJ AS WELL AS EACH OTHER!!

We must study the Bible so we will not be led astray by counterfeits.

We as soldiers in MJs Army of LOVE NEED to embody the following: truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation and the Word of God.

The Message

Let’s start spending more time trying to reach ourselves and others with MJ’s message.

The government is corrupted and we should not be afraid.

An educated public can stop them in their tracks.

The world is in desperate need of a wakeup call – end of the world

We must be aware of the corruption in government AND media and free ourselves through education.

Michael is being used by God in His battle against evil conspiracies in this world

The reason for this whole plan and hoax is to help save people from the many problems in this world; love is the reason, love is the answer.

MJ plans to turn the NWO upside down with the hoax

There are examples of government conspiracy and when you know too much, they silence you – JFK , JFK Jr., Pearl Harbour, RFK, MLK, Princess Di, 911, Titanic, etc.


We must study our Bibles and know the signs of the end times.

The Son of Man will come when we least expect it.

People will make fun and scoff at those who believe in the end of the world.

Many people are refusing to believe in the end of the world, merely because they don’t want to believe it—not because it isn’t true (or a lack of evidence). But who are the bigger fools: the ones who believe and are ready, yet it does not come—or the ones who don’t believe and are not ready, and then it does come??

The end of the world is not a bad thing.

The need for us all to have more LOVE in our lives—not just a word, not just a four-letter acronym (L.O.V.E.), but the real thing

Part of what MJ is trying to teach us is we are not to blindly trust tabloid media—or even mainstream media. Yet, just like TMZ, at times there is reliable and valuable information in the media.

So don’t accept something just because TIAI says it; but on the other hand, don’t fail to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources and documentation. Rejecting reliable information isn’t much if any better (maybe worse) than accepting unreliable information. Some people believe everything (gullible), others believe nothing (stubborn); if we want the truth, we must find a balance between those extremes.

The Return
Helping hoax believers understand the situation will create a safer environment for MJ to return and be backed up by MJ’s Army of LOVE.

Once the opposition to MJ’s message has gone, MJ will be ready to return.

To do a hoax to expose government and media corruption is playing with fire.

He HAS to be careful when and how he returns.

We need to allow him the space to determine when and how the return will happen.


Draw a connection between Elvis hoax death and MJ hoax death

Unify and mobilize MJs Army of L.O.V.E.

DNA evidence in court is realistic and undeniable.  We must embrace this opportunity to link with these DNA cases and inspire those to exhume MJ’s body (to find out IT’S NOT THERE!)

TS has already proven him/herself and is now asking us to tweet about ElvisandMJdotcom. We should support.

The media should take notice.

Army of LOVE needs to rally behind a media tweetathon

If we do this all for God’s glory, we will not fail!

This is a critical point for the hoax and in end times.

MJ will return… there is a deadline of sorts.

TS is credible as he/she’ s proven him/herself with predictions.  Stop doubting, start believing!


~ by lilwendy on August 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “Results of my review”

  1. I think you’re right; the army of L.O.V.E. will have more marching to do upon his return.
    I’m with ya as I try to encourage ppl who love MJ to agree to disagree out of respect for him; in the name of love.
    “There’s nothing that cant be done, if we raise our voice as one!” MJ

    • Elizabeth, I am floored and humbled by your comments that show such insight and time investment. Thank you! I too keep it very simple however there is a truth that needs to be revealed that I believe we are missing and part of the lessons we are to learn. My simplicity in how I live my life: Love God, love others. In loving God, I will love & respect His creations including people around me, animals, this earth… It’s the root… God is love. I follow no man… not TS… not MJ… no one… only God. However, this whole TIAI thing is there for a reason and so I look into it. Just wanted to be clear on where I stand. Thank you again friend for your amazing feedback! Much appreciated and loved!

  2. I so agree…facts, facts, facts.
    As per TS, TIAI &, there have been some inconsistencies, so like you said, it’s the evidence that matters; not the source. Too many ppl lack patience & respect for Michael.
    There is so much work to do for our communities, our world and Michael. I so wish more ppl would focus their energies on promoting love & truth than trying to validate Michael’s existence.
    OMG, where is empathy for Michael ?
    Why does the validity of sources matter so much ?
    The facts speak for themselves.

    I think ppl should really observe those we are aware that know what Michael has done; keep our eyes & ears open.
    But NOT further speculate !
    Accept that he is not quite ready to return and do what they can to give him a good a welcome home as possible.
    This means work in our daily lives to re-create a world of love, respect & truth, work to clear his name and give him & his children all the freedom to live their lives without pressure and expectations.
    It’s our turn to do for him and give him the respect he’s lacked.

  3. Very good synopsis, I think you have it in a nut shell! Ready and waiting to play my part.

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