TMZ Jon Bon Jovi

Well well well, TS strikes again.  We have a redirect highlighting time and all and what headline pops up?

TMZ article:

Bon Jovi — Most Boobiful Photoshoot of All Time

Now follow my thoughts… how do we know what is really true?

Well that’s a question that often comes up with regards to the Bible and God.

How do we know that the Bible is truth?

Well I know the Bible is truth because of the things written in the Bible that have come true… beyond mere chance.

Well here it seems TS wants us to know we can believe him because he highlighted time and all in the redirect (which I agree, time will tell all) but also was done before the article came out on Jon Bon Jovi with the same words and with a pic of MJ. Now statistically, could this have happened by chance or is this a case of being beyond mere chance?

So similarily, people doubt the Bible, they doubt end times, they doubt that this world will end, they doubt a second coming… they doubt a lot.

Well guess what… time will tell all in this case as well.


~ by lilwendy on July 26, 2010.

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