TMZ Matt Roloff article

I was reading this article on TMZ:

‘Little People’ Star Matt Roloff — I’m Not Dead!

Originally posted Jun 16th 2010 12:20 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

0616_matt_roloff_EX_GettyMillions of reality fans were left wondering about the fate of “Little People, Big World” star Matt Roloff after Monday’s season finale appeared to show him suffering a heart attack — but TMZ has learned, his ticker is tip top.

In fact, Matt didn’t even suffer a heart attack at all — it wasvertigo. Still, the Internet was burning with rumors that he was in bad shape … or even dead.

But Roloff tells us, “Although having a dizzy case of vertigo … I am very much alive and healthy and would like to thank all my friends and fans for their concern.”

We’re told Matt didn’t even need to go to the hospital for the incident on the show — and has since been treating his Vertigo with medication.


  1. The obvious I’M NOT DEAD title
  2. The guy suffered a heart attack
  3. Oh wait he didn’t ever suffer a heart attack… it was vertigo!!!
  4. My dad constantly asks me if I really believe MJ was suffering from vertigo and that’s why he’s white… smh… I smile and say “it’s vitiligo” 🙂  People mix this up all the time!
  5. The guy’s been treating his “vertigo” with treatment – Please see my post about vitiligo and the hope that maybe MJ is getting treatment for vitiligo

~ by lilwendy on June 16, 2010.

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