Cloning, Genes, Vitiligo, etc.

Ok so today this article came out on TMZ

And a thread about it can be found on MJHDI forum:

I will start this post with my post on this thread so you see where I’m coming from:

So of course I wanted to see what they’ve done since then.  Well I don’t know how I stumbled onto this but here you go…

Apparently there is a cure for vitiligo!  And this blog post shows why it hasn’t really been accepted

“Then there are others who argue that it could lead to cloning and ultimately leading to devalorization of individuals.”

Now a lot of this research is going on in Tehran Royan Institute… Wasn’t Michael and Jermaine visiting Tehran?  Also Jesse Jackson said in April 09 that he wanted to visit Tehran.

What if… what if MJ went to get treatment for his vitiligo?  Would a year be enough to cure him?  Or was he doing treatment and something went wrong (someone wanted to clone him).

Just some things to make you all even crazier! LOL


~ by lilwendy on June 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Cloning, Genes, Vitiligo, etc.”

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