This is one of those posts that doesn’t really make sense to me but I’m going to put it out there knowing full well that I’m probably looking WAY too hard into things.

Yes disclaimer:  This post will have you wondering if I need to take a break! LOL

Yes I’m am probably taking RBTL (read between the lines) way to far.

That being said… I don’t care! LOL I’m putting it down because it popped into my head and I don’t believe things pop into my head for no reason.

So….…. The Budweiser 55 select posts… what up wit dat? 🙂

Anyway, as I’m reading the titles, there are words that are jumping out at me and I’m wondering, is there any connection?  Could “someone” be trying to hint at what’s going on by imbedding snippets into titles?

So first off… why pay attention to a beer sponsored post… we’ll because Budweiser is the “King of Beer” which made me think of the King of Pop 🙂

Ok so not every single one makes sense in my mind but I’m going to list the words that stand out to me.

  • ­­ File for divorce
  • Panic – call cops
  • Not Ready
  • Situation – Abs pose threat
  • Grand Theft
  • Paris Hilton
  • Jersey Queen
  • Stevie Wonder visits MJ
  • I Chose to be Foreclosed On
  • Letterman over Lakers – not sure on this
  • Buys tickets for fans
  • Ex GF Key
  • Conservatorship in name only
  • Secret Dirty Joke
  • Hauled Away
  • Going to the White House
  • Situation: Gym, Tan, Love – not sure other than LOVE J
  • Suspicious Living Arrangement
  • Anatomy of a surprise
  • Maid robbed us blind
  • Donut shop (made me think of…)

  • Legal Separation
  • Life after Death
  • Character not an issue
  • Web Company Ripped my Image
  • Rednecks Wanted
  • Victim of the Steakgate Curse
  • Executor – give back Gary’s Truck
  • We Know Who You Are
  • Cheating Talk
  • Fair Trial Will Be Tough
  • Where Are the Docs?
  • Target AEG

Ok so interpretation… I am wondering if…

Michael tried to break the contract with (divorce) AEG and something went wrong.

He panicked because he was not ready and the situation posed a threat

There could have also been a grand theft situation.

Maybe Paris Hilton knows more than she is letting on?

Jersey Queen – Well Whitney Houston was considered the Queen of Pop and she’s from Jersey and her concert (which she has not been well for) is organized by AEG as well.  Maybe she’s being victimized by AEG as well… forced to do concerts when not ready?

Stevie Wonder has been in contact with MJ?

Michael CHOSE to send Neverland into foreclosure?

Michael bought the tickets and thus providing the revenues that AEG was banking on?

Ex-GF Key… Is Lisa Marie a key to this plot?

Conservatorships that have been set up are in name only

There are dirty secrets

MJ hauled away from situation?  Was something hauled away?

Did he take this all the way to the White House for help?

There was a suspicious living arrangement

Someone surprised  someone else at the house… there was an ambush

Found that the maid robbed him blind!

He’s filing for a legal separation… a freeing from any and all conservatorships?

There will be life after death!

His character is not the issue… a web company conspired to rip up his image.

Those rednecks are wanted!

He was a victim of a curse?

Executor needs to give back something…

We know who you are

You are a cheater!!!!

A fair trial will be tough.

Where are the documents?

Target is on AEG.

Is this is situation that is being rectified as we speak?


~ by lilwendy on June 10, 2010.

One Response to “TMZ and RBTL”

  1. That wasn’t bad,lol Could be, could be….

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