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Just tossing this out there… we have a situation of a lady who has been friends with Elvis/Jesse for years, is in contact with him, and has a website dedicated to proving he is alive.

She says on the main page of her site ( on the December 9, 2009 Special Notice:

I understand that checking out 40+ pages full of facts, documentation and You Tube videos is asking a lot of those who just want the truth up front, plain and simple.  With this in mind, I am  posting the links to just three pages of my web site which should provide enough proof.   That way if you are not convinced nor interested, you may leave my site and not waste any more of your time.

Which I find interesting because on MJDHI on May 15th a post is put up by Souza:

“You probably might have noticed that we have a lot of new members on the board. Because most of them are new in the hoax, we get a lot of questions about things we already discussed months ago. To avoid that and to try and get the new members as up-to-date as possible, we have decided to make a seperate web page for newbies because it’s hard for them to struggle through all the info, but for that we need your help. We both have like 500GB of information on our harddrives, so it’s hard to determine if we have covered it all. We are asking you to comment on this thread and post the following, numbered like I will do below, so it won’t get messy. We want to start making the page on Wednesday at the latest, so please try to post everything before then.”

It just struck me as the same… looking to PROVE MJ is alive by gathering the FACTS into summary pages.

Also what struck me is this lady went by the name SHUMA for years and then, with Jesse’s permission, she started using her real name to defend herself.

On MJDHI we have SOUZA.  Two letters difference – replace the H & M with an O & Z…. hmmmm OZ! 🙂

I don’t know if these people are one in the same or if we have the same situation, just found the similarities something to be noted.

Anyway, moving on…

In this redirect Adi mentions that TS said in Update 5A to pay attention to certain redirects and says maybe it’s the Elvis redirect…

So let’s review the Elvis redirects between updates 4 and 5 – oh there’s only one!

5-10 {5-4 & 5-9} Elvis?????

Section 5-4 & 5-9 refer to this… I’ll reprint 5-4 here as I believe this is what we are to focus on right now…

5-4. Overwhelming Evidence: Not If, But When

There are still many who think that MJ will never come back (bam); this has been discussed before, but not settled. So it’s time to address this subject in greater detail. As I said in Update #4d (4-41), “Bam: Not If, But When”. This is important for us to understand, because we can actually have an influence on the “when”; the better we all understand MJ’s message, the safer it will be for him to bam—and the more successful we will be in spreading his message, when countless people come to the hoax forums asking questions.

All the complexities and clues in this hoax would not be needed, if MJ were merely planning to go into permanent hiding. He could’ve done a much simpler death hoax, if he only wanted normalcy. Furthermore, he was already fading from media attention before “THIS IS IT”; plus he could’ve used disguises, and/or changed his looks (hair length, hair color, plastic surgery, etc)—without even a death hoax—if his only goal was to get out of the media spotlight.

If we accept the clues that he is still alive, and faked his death: then many of those very same clues also tell us that he will be back. If we don’t accept the “will be back” part of the clues, then there is no point accepting the “still alive” part of the clues. Take it or leave it, all or none; but please don’t take half and leave half!

So let’s review some of the major “will be back” clues. The Liberian Girl not only had MJ directing secretly behind the scenes, it also had MJ being seen by everyone at the end! In the short film “Ghosts”, after MJ “died” on the floor, he revealed himself alive to the mayor and the rest {}. The same basic thing could be said of other examples {2012 movie, etc;}.

The clues in “THIS IS IT” also point clearly to MJ coming back into public view. In the Light Man introduction, it says: “and piece by piece by piece by piece, MJ is revealed, until he jumps out”! In Gilda, the actor (with MJ’s same birthday) not only faked his death; he also came back later, andshowed that he was still alive!

We know that “THIS IS IT” is TII, or Thriller II—the real life Thriller; but it would be no Thriller at all, if he merely faked his death and then stayed “dead”. This is clearly illustrated in the spider scene during Thriller; the spider does not just come up out of the graveyard, it also comes out on stage where everyone can see MJ! Finally, the “bam” clip—which is where we get the “bamsday” term—this clip seems to be meaningless, especially placed after the credits, unless it’s a big clue about MJ abruptly coming out of hiding.

All the numerology and other clues are essentially pointless, unless MJ plans to use these things to prove that the whole thing was planned by himself—and thereby avoid the argument that the real MJ is dead, and the bam MJ is just a double. Likewise, all the reasons for the hoax (environment, 4 years, expose the media & NWO, etc)—these things will be much more effective, if MJ comes back and helps to draws major public attention to them.

Some thought that the Elvis redirect was to show that MJ would never bam; however, the Elvis redirect was (among other reasons, hmmm) for the purpose of showing the contrast with MJ, not to show a comparison. There is a lot of evidence that Elvis faked his death; but there is very little if any solid evidence that he was ever planning on a comeback. By contrast, MJ left a great deal of evidence that he plans to be back.

Last but perhaps not least: TIAI says that there will be a bam! If you aren’t sure whether TIAI has reliable information, please see Update #5d (especially 5-11). Also, regarding previous TIAI/STUDY bam predictions, see 5-5 (next) .

I bolded part of the 5-4 update because it says the Elvis redirect was used for a contrast – between one faked death with no comeback and one faked death with a comeback.

So I don’t think we are dealing with a double comeback, however, in my mind Elvis is alive and well.

Also TIAI said there will be a BAM… a comeback… so do we believe TS/TIAI or not?

As said on Linda Hood Sigmon’s site, she believe’s Jesse because he mentioned things in the letters to her before they happened.

TS/TIAI – has he told us things before they happened?  Do we have reason to believe?  If you don’t have an answer to that you need to go through TS’s posts and do your own research because I’m not going to tell you what to believe.

So that’s my two cents… still hashing through some things but wanted to share this with you all…


~ by lilwendy on June 5, 2010.

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