Well I have had this song in my head every day every minute… it’s getting annoying now! LOL Hopefully recording it will get me on to another song! hahaha



~ by lilwendy on June 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Nothing”

  1. Still thinkin’ of this song ? Wondering if this freed you up from it playin’ over in your head. I hear ya; there is something quite special about this song. When I first heard it, I was so taken aback. The next time I listened, it stayed with me for quite a while. It’s enjoyable to sing too.

    I enjoy your singing Wendy. The song Open My heart, I really like & doesn’t seem like a particularly easy song to sing though you make it sound easy.
    My very favorite part of Make Me Whole is when you sing the whoa-as; just so lovely.

    That you for sharing of yourself in this way.
    ♥ ya

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