TIAI, thisisalsoit.com, MJHD connection?

Some users are stating a connection between thisisalsoit.com and MJHD due to a who.is inquiry.

I just wanted to post a tweet I shared last night and hopefully it will clear up some things for people.

Just so you know, I am in no way affiliated with thisisalsoit or MJHD and I am not advocating anything… all I’m trying to do is find truth, and be accurate with things I share, and to check out everything so I am convicted in what I personally believe.

So here is the tweet:

Ok in reference to the who.is inquiry on thisisalsoit.com and in particular the screenshot that is shown directing to MJHD… please do your research on how and where they get this information from… this area of the who.is report is put out by Alexa.com.  If you do a search you will find many sites that chuckle about the screen shot put up for their site as it is incorrect.  One reputable site has an XXX pop up as their screenshot.  Basically the screenshot is taken at any given point in time and can be changed by the administrator of that site by simply refreshing the page and asking Alexa to take a new screenshot.  So all this means is that at some point in time thisisalsoit.com was redirected to MJHD… which is entirely accurate.  It does not mean that they are one in the same.  Hope this helps!


~ by lilwendy on June 3, 2010.

One Response to “TIAI, thisisalsoit.com, MJHD connection?”

  1. thank you, very interesting 😀
    Who is it?

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