This is It

I die
Only to rise
Your lies
I so despise
You’re full
Of compromise
The truth
Is your demise

You think
I’m dead and gone
In forest lawn
But you
Are just a pawn
I had
You all along

Was not my fate
For love
Snuffs out your hate
Will have to wait
Was just a date

The start
Of a great show
All of my foes
You on your toes
With Michael Joe

Is what you want
Will come to haunt
I tease
And play and taunt
This year
Was just a jaunt

Ha I
I did outthink
In sin
You’re gonna sink
In your plans
I am a kink
The missing link

My fans
Are gonna fight
The world
Will see their light
For love
Lay down their life
For dawn
Comes after night

I’m chompin’
at the bit
Not ever
Gonna quit
Yes you
I did outwit
BAM baby
This is it


~ by lilwendy on June 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “This is It”

  1. Perfect!

  2. Way to go Wendy! I love it! I love it!

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