I said I wouldn’t… but I’m gonna

Ok… I was just thinking… yeah I know… uh oh…

But with this whole TMZ poll thing which is just ridiculous because we all know it’s not accurate… I don’t know what the big deal is… ok so we get it to 100%… is MJ gonna go SURPRISE!  BAM BAM BAM BAM!!!! Gotcha!!! hahahahaha


Having said that… I couldn’t resist going on to help the poll results along.  And then I read the post again…

“Holy cow, I really want to know — how did Michael Jackson‘s body seemingly disappear after his memorial, only to reappear at the cemetery?”

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/04/10/michael-jackson-casket-memorial-burial-staples-center#ixzz0p4zEqjgS

Now most likely this was mentioned already… heck I’ve posted so much I’ve probably said it already and I don’t remember! LOL

Reappear at the cemetery… is that where it’s all gonna go down… at the cemetery?

We know there’s gotta be some kind of Thriller 2 –> Thriller II –> TII –> This is It kind of thing happening…

We’ve seen sunflowers at the tomb, sunflowers on Light Man and sunflowers on hats of zombies in This is It Thriller

The full moon in the background…

Well in Anaheim, CA, the next full moon is tomorrow May 27th from 8:08pm to 5:13am and the next is June 26th from 8:34pm to 5:48am.

Well well well… do you think we’re going to get an anniversary resurrection?  The moon will look pretty full on June 25th… hmmmm….

Come to think of it, I know I thought about this before… but it was early in the game and I thought that there is NO WAY this would go on for an entire year! LOL

Then something even weirder… I was looking to see if the background of Thriller 2 was in anyway similar to Holly Terrace… the Great Mausoleum… etc.

I came across “The Graveyard Rabbit” a poem and an association!

In the white moonlight, where the willow waves,

He halfway gallops among the graves—

A tiny ghost in the gloom and gleam,

Content to dwell where the dead men dream,

But wary still!

For they plot him ill;

For the graveyard rabbit hath a charm

(May God defend us!) to shield from harm.

Over the shimmering slabs he goes—

Every grave in the dark he knows;

But his nest is hidden from human eye

Where headstones broken on old graves lie.

Wary still!

For they plot him ill;

For the graveyard rabbit, though sceptics scoff,

Charmeth the witch and the wizard off!

The black man creeps, when the night is dim,

Fearful, still, on the track of him;

Or fleetly follows the way he runs,

For he heals the hurts of the conjured ones.

Wary still!

For they plot him ill;

The soul’s bewitched that would find release,—

To the graveyard rabbit go for peace!

He holds their secret—he brings a boon

Where winds moan wild in the dark o’ the moon;

And gold shall glitter and love smile sweet

To whoever shall sever his furry feet!

Wary still!

For they plot him ill;

For the graveyard rabbit hath a charm

(May God defend us!) to shield from harm.

Is this the white rabbit we are supposed to follow?  Are we supposed to go right back to the graveyard?

Are the sunflowers in preparation for his return?



~ by lilwendy on May 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “I said I wouldn’t… but I’m gonna”

  1. btw, have u seen this? It’s from Olgeya’s blog (TMZ article):


  2. God, it would be fantastic if he came back on that day!

  3. Yes, the “funeral” was the day before a full moon also. See this link http://www.almanac.com/moon/calendar/CA/Encino/2009-09

    Here is the link for June, 2010


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