More sunflowers

Ok I have to apologize for the sunflower overkill but I was searching around on the net because I remembered somewhere that Michael admired Van Gogh and Van Gogh painted sunflowers….

I came across several references of the youtube vids of the Jackson kids… particularly Blanket and how he was “pretending to be van Gogh”

Uh… my first reaction was how does a kid pretending to be van Gogh? Um he was painting sunflowers? ;-P

It just struck me odd… but I didn’t look into it any further.

Then TMZ came out with more pics of the sunflowers… this one stood out…

Again… odd… a frame around the sunflowers… looks similar to this…

Great… that’s where it stopped for me and I wrote this post a few days ago and what did I do… I deleted my post.

Then I was scanning Twitter and i read from someone (sorry whoever said it I didn’t note it down! If it’s you please let me know in the comments so I can credit you properly!) that the series of paintings was known as STILL LIFE and that it sounded a lot like STILL ALIVE!!!

I believe they are bang on right!  I believe it’s a clue… a way to let us know that MJ is still alive (and it ties right in to the TMZ poll!!!)

Which is currently at…


UPDATE! Thank you to those that helped me out! It was Aliceofneverlan that had the STILL LIFE/STILL ALIVE tweet!


~ by lilwendy on May 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “More sunflowers”

  1. hello wendy, thats pretty exciting isnt it?! i saw that tweet too. it came in my timeline via @alciceofneverlan. not sure if it was her find though.

  2. Hi again
    Just went on Wiki and you´r friend on Twitter was right, it is called Still Life, and here it says Twelve Sunflowers, not fourteen.
    My book says fourteen, we can count them, lol.

  3. Hi
    I was not the one who left the comment on Twitter, but the Painting´s title is Fourteen Sunflowers(I have a fake oilpainting of this at home, lol), I believe it is one of the most expensive Van Gogh paintings. What also strikes me is the similarities between MJ and Van Gogh too. Misunderstood by many and lonely. Fantanstic artist, both.
    The STILL LIFE theme is interesting, we gotta look into that.

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