The unifying of TIAI & TINI, Believers and Non-believers into MJAOL

Ok this has been on my heart for a long time and I just haven’t really taken the time to put it down in a post.

I have studied, investigated, and come to the conclusion that Michael Jackson is alive.  However, I am not so ignorant and set in my ways to plug my ears to differing views.  If anything, through further investigation, it will convict me in my belief or it may cause me to question and to dig deeper for what we need to all focus on… the truth.

Now I was thinking about believers and non-believers and what separates us and what causes most of the discussions, fights, etc.  The fact that one group believes Michael is alive and one group believes he is dead.

Ok, well a sure fire way to take down any powerful entity is to cause strife with in the body… to create fights… to have them focus on their differences.  Right now, the MJfam is NOT as powerful as it could be because we focus on our differences.

Let’s take a moment to focus on what we can agree on and what can unite us:

Note: I will speak present tense and this is what I believe.  Any of you that believe MJ is dead, I am not doing this out of disrespect, just please change this in your mind into past tense.

  • We love Michael Jackson
  • We believe he is the best entertainer that ever lived
  • We know is a genius
  • We would rally behind him for anything (as long as it is legal, moral and ethical and doesn’t break man’s laws or God’s laws)

Great place to start… we do have some things in common!

Now beyond that and specific to things surrounding Michael’s death

  • We believe that there was a conspiracy surrounding Michael
  • We believe that it’s bigger than just Michael, or the music industry
  • We believe that there was and continues to be a grave injustice being done to Michael
  • We want the truth to be told
  • We believe Michael was treated as a money making machine and wasn’t valued as a person and humanitarian
  • We believe that many people in Michael’s life were not looking out for his best interest but just what would make the most money
  • We believe Michael was telling us about the corruption in the world and in his life through his songs.
  • We believe that Michael should have been helped and protected – not exploited.
  • Michael was misunderstood and mistreated by the media – purposely.
  • We believe the media will twist stories and put a negative spin on them all for money with no care to the ramifications it has on a person’s life.
  • And the list goes on…

There are so many things that we agree on… and so many things we can fight for together.

I believe the corruption… the money making… the exploitation still exists today for the Jackson family.  It’s how the industry works…. it’s how media works… it’s how government works… and it’s wrong.

We need to wake people up with the truth so why aren’t we binding together and putting our differences aside and fighting for justice together?

All the information is out there… not information on Michael, not information on a hoax, information on the money trail, who stands to gain, who is being exploited, who is being chewed up and spit out in the name of the almighty dollar. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND STAND FOR SOMETHING!

Take your pick!

Government corruption

Media corruption

Manipulation of history books

Dumbing down of the people

Just for sheer numbers sake, we NEED to bind together and rally around Michael (or for the TINI crew – Michael’s kids and the Jacksons) but fight a PEACEFUL WAR!!!

MJFAM is in the MILLIONS!  WE can be an ARMY of LOVE, support, and bring a peaceful war against the lies and corruption and urge people to love God and love eachother and protect the Jackson family.

*sigh* I feel like I’m saying the same thing over and over but there is so much good we can do if we raise our voice as ONE!

(ok I’m done my ranting… I love you all)


~ by lilwendy on May 13, 2010.

8 Responses to “The unifying of TIAI & TINI, Believers and Non-believers into MJAOL”

  1. We just need to keep re-stating the truth, and talk about what is going on… with our family and friends (not just MJ fans), that is how the truth spreads! You are completely correct, WE SHOULD REMEMBER WHAT WE HAVE IN COMMON – MICHAEL!!! AND DO RIGHT BY HIM! Well done! 🙂

  2. yes darlin you have hit the nail on the head so to speak…we have to unite…regardless of beliefs..he was/is being exploited in the worse possible way….RAPED so to speak…but we all need to unite and uncover this exploitation, this man can not disappear in vain, we have been given the reins and it is now up to us to fight the good fight for Him and get this on the right track to victory…and we all know he is so deserving of a victory against the horrible evils he has had to fight alone for so many many years

  3. I agree with all you say 100% whatever you beLIEve or non-believe, we should all unite as one MJfamily, protect and defend MJ and family. United we stand as MJ ARMY OF LOVE. Stop the fighting and start to spread the message of L.O.V.E.

  4. totalement ok!!!!!!

  5. I agree in the unification of all the MJ fans. Just don’t see it happening. The one thing that stands in the way is that the beLIEvers think MJ is alive and the TINI group and the Justice4MJ group are out for blood because MJ is dead. But at the same time no matter which side of the fence you are sitting on we all want answers; and ultimately the truth.

    I applaud the sentiment of all being one big group just don’t see it happening because the one difference between both sides is a major difference and will keep the two sides apart.

  6. Yes, yes, yes you`re totally right. We all (beLIEvers and non-beLIEvers) want the respect that Michael deserves. So we have to raise our voice as one. Than we are a very strong #MJfam. I`ll do my best at twitter. We really have to respect everyones opinion. Thanx for letting us know you`re opinion. It`s all for L.O.V.E.

  7. Applause! I completely agree.

  8. And you’re so right!
    You know, I’m very tired. Yes, this hoax sometimes brings us down but this is not what I’m talking about right now. I wanna say that I’m very concerned about all these fights. First were rippers vs believers. Now there’s something really strange going on: believers are fighting believers! Once again because of divergences! It is scaring me a lot!
    You said it all! It’s time to get united and fight against what is wrong and corrupted and while doing this we need to fight against our own corruptions and evils inside.


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