Gotta get my thoughts out

Ok I have to say this and just getting it off my chest.
You know sometimes your first reactions are the most reliable.
A little background:
I was MJ-obsessed from 1984 to 1994 and I mean crazy obsessed :-). Then life hit, and I started to “grow up”.
I was “too mature” to be obsessed with Michael Jackson. ;-p
I always kept a pulse on where MJ was through people keeping me updated but my reaction was… Oh that’s interesting but I’m over MJ. Love his music, live him as an entertainer, but I have a life to live.
This went on until August 2009!
So for 15 years I didn’t really pay attention to MJ’s life… I didn’t even look at one picture of him! I know I know hard to believe!
So when MJ “died” I had people I hadn’t heard from in 20 years contacting me asking if I was ok. My response: of course I am! I don’t even know the man!
In August is when I googled Michael Jackson to just see what he looked like before he “died”. I was shocked!
This was not Michael! But wait… Some pics kinda looked like him…. I was so confused.
So I went back… What I found was there was a time when you could see the natural progression of the change in his face via surgery, vitiligo, etc. It was still the same man but with some changes. But around 1996, 97, 98 I found the change to be drastic. I still to this day can’t pin point what it is… But there are a mix of pics… Some that I look at that I say that is definitely MJ and some that just don’t seem like him.
I really felt like I was going crazy.
I would say, well the changes could be changes that come with age, weight fluctuation, surgery, etc.
Something just didn’t sit right.
It still doesn’t… I don’t know why and I really am not going to investigate anything, make a big deal of it, analyze facial structures, 🙂
Then when they said discover the man you never knew… Oh my gosh! Has MJ been using a double for years? Have we never really known him?? Arrgghhh! Oh yeah I had a mini meltdown in November 2009! LOL
So anyway, right now I’m at the point that I’m sitting back, enjoying the show, and open to just about anything happening in this crazy hoax.

So there you have it! I just wanted to journal my thoughts… For posterity sake. 🙂

ADDITION: Anon had asked to see some pics that I just don’t think is MJ so here you go!


~ by lilwendy on May 13, 2010.

7 Responses to “Gotta get my thoughts out”

  1. Well, this is going towards the double theory and I’ve been researching a little on it myself. Certain pictures just don’t look like him at all IMO. I wasn’t a huge fanatic really. I always loved his music, videos and stuff like that but I was never a devout follower of the man. I think this actually helps me out with this hoax adventure because I’m able to see things with a more objective point of view. So IMO, anything is possible. ANYTHING. lol

  2. Hi Wendy!
    First things first, i want to express my admiration for your investigation skills. You somehow seem to be able to keep a certain distance to all this, and observe things with a clarity that i completely lost in this hoax. Reading your blog really helps me to understand things that would have kept me puzzled without reading it. About the “other Michael” The double theory is not new, although I havent really gone into it. But i have wondered about the thousand faces of Michael many times. Here is a video that struck me. It surprises me that in the comments nobody even mentions the 2 (or more?) Michaels that I can clearly see here.
    Keep the faith, with Love…

  3. Interesting post! I would be curious to see a few pics you think really don’t “look like” him.

    • Well that’s the funny part… I’ve looked at so many pics over the past 8 months that say it is MJ that now my eyes are not as sharp at picking it out! But I will take a look and if any jump out at me… I will add them to the post.

  4. You’re not alone in thinking this way. Some of his pictures just don’t look like him at all. I can’t quite fathom how someone can change so drastically from one picture to another. It is very likely he’s had a double for many years going about MJ’s daily business. Perhaps we’ll find out some day. But regardless, the man, Michael jackson is a kind , loving soul. His acts of generosity speak for themselves. The genius in the arts is michael jackson. So whether we’ve been seeing a double for a while or not, I believe the man behind all creativity and generosity IS Michael, the real one. We just may not know what he really looks like,lol

    • Woo hoo! I am not alone, Grace is here with me, we both think the same, we may be insane… I am not alone, Grace is here with me, we think there’s more than one, boy aren’t we having fun? We are not alone!

      • LOL I sang it out loud. Now EVERYONE at home is really convinced I’m insane,lol

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