TMZ – Michael Jackson Chick Magnet?

Is it just me or when this article came out

My first reaction was DUH!!! Of course he was a chick magnet!!!!

But when I read this part…

“He reportedly called one of them “Friend” — a chick with a European accent.”

Did anyone else think of this person?

Cassidy Sims…

Who claims to be in contact with MJ and was giving info on another site (can’t remember where it is now) in the very beginning of the hoax.

I get the feeling that TMZ puts these things in the articles to guide us to where we need to be looking.

In ARG’s there is a term for this… something like a trailhead or… I don’t remember.  Anyway, in ARG’s there are sites, communications, etc. that are put there to lead us to where we should be looking or to a new site etc.

I really think TMZ is just that.


~ by lilwendy on May 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “TMZ – Michael Jackson Chick Magnet?”

  1. Here again.. But no, I don´t think so.. That ended badly.

  2. Hi! Wendy!!! X

  3. Wow! I´m flattered, I´m on 1 of her 7 listS (@justAfriend_/mj-worldwide-fans) and I´m 1 of the 479 accounts SHE follows.. Whoo hooo!!
    But, I thought of Joanna Thomae, just for a moment.. later I remembered that.. no, I don´t think so.

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