TMZ… dictionary enthusiasts?

So I had mentioned before regarding the casket article on TMZ that they used some interesting verbage…

Full article:

As an example, TMZ says, “Jackson’s body was ensconced in a $25,000 bronze casket.”

Ensconced is very close to encased and that’s kind of what I thought the word meant.  He body was enclosed in the casket.

However, the dictionary definition at says:


So it really means his body was hidden. Hmmmm

More recently an article comes out on Joe Jackson…

Full article:

Michael Jackson’s Dad to be Deposed…. So I’m thinking… ok he has to go through some kind of deposition for an allowance?

But that’s not necessarily true…. Is Michael going to be handed the reigns of the Jackson family legacy? Is Joe looking to pass on the torch?


It could also mean that Joe is either stepping down or being removed from a position of power….

Very interesting use of words TMZ!


~ by lilwendy on May 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “TMZ… dictionary enthusiasts?”

  1. I agree with you. Those words stood out to me too. I think your on the right track. With TMZ, I always know there’s a hidden message in their articles, so their choice of words certainly are meaningful.

  2. you observation is most intriguing.
    However the 2nd one regarding “deposed” I don’t know if that’s quiet right. I have seen numerous legal documents that use that term. Also let’s not kid ourselves, anyone in that family with any legacy is Michael. Joe is in position of power LOL

    good eyes though 😉 keep it up

    • Yeah I know legal docs use that term… I’m more keeping an eye on words with double meanings that we assume are being used one way but could also be used another way… Like gay-homosexual and gay-joyful.

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