Coming out!

Ok here’s some theme music for you while reading my post:

Source: munja444

Do you remember is Update 4D section 4-40, ( TS said the following:

Oh, and one more thing: TMZ has been using the word “return” in their articles recently. On February 7, they had an article titled: “Plotting Return to Golf” {; see also}. On March 3, they had an article “The Return of Jaafar Jackson” {}. And on March 5, the anniversary of the London press conference, they had this: “Returning to the StageConan O’Brien is coming back …” {}.

So I was looking at some recent TMZ titles…

May 3rd, Halle Berry’s Ex Comes Out Swinging { }

May 1st, Cheryl Wright – She’s Coming Out { }

Then there is the what I like to call JAM session – Jason, Arnie, Michael article on May 2nd { } – a coming out article of sorts.

So am I saying that MJ is going to be coming out in his sexuality?

Well no!  Joe Jackson said himself in a  May 3rd article that MJ was not gay { }

And out of his own mouth!

So does this mean we are in for another kind of coming out… like coming out of hiding?


~ by lilwendy on May 3, 2010.

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