Media Lies MJ Conspiracy

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There was so much stuff we didn’t hear about! The media manipulated everything through omission, lies, etc.

It’s just like what happened with Michael Jackson… Conspiracy.

You can see this when you take…

Living with Michael Jackson – The Martin Bashir Interview


Living with Michael Jackson Take 2 – Maury Povich expose

Two different stories from the same interview… manipulated to sway the opinions of the public and defame the character of a genuinely great man.

Aphrodite Jones wrote about it in her book The Michael Jackson Conpiracy … 0332C92BE9

“They” were looking to take him down…

I sure hope Michael is beating them at their own game right now! Using the internet to clear his name before the big media mogul start censoring internet content!


~ by lilwendy on April 19, 2010.

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