What impact will I make?

I never feel like I’m doing enough… I’ll tell you that right off the bat.

I have been burdened that God wants to use me in some mammoth way that I neither feel adequate or prepared for… but I guess that’s the way He likes it… then He can work His magic.

I feel that this blog is a way to reach people just by sharing my experiences and maybe someone will find a commonality with me, or it may get them thinking… I don’t know… but I continue to do it because I feel I’m supposed to.

I also have been a closet singer all my life, afraid of criticism, afraid of rejection, afraid of making a mistake… yet everytime I would sing in front of people with my heart, even though the notes weren’t right, and I thought it was horrible, somehow it blessed the other person.  So I started sharing a couple tunes with you guys (mainly with PianoGames’ prompting and encouragement- thanks Tom!) and now I find I have a song to share with someone almost every day… on and off the web.

I sat at the feet of a multi millionaire last night… makes over a million a month cashola and lives off a fraction so he can make a difference all over the world with the rest.  It dawned on me… I’ve made enough money to impact my immediate family only.  I invest into people’s lives at home… I no longer need to work in a job.  I’ve been able to take in my nephew when my sister couldn’t handle it two years ago.  I help people to stay on track with their goals and to lead lives that will honor God.  I help people to get their finances on track so they can live biblically sound principles or being debt free.  I help people to get marriages on track by honoring their marriage vows, not giving up, and making each other a priority.

But what I haven’t done is to make so much money that my immediate and my extended family is taken care of so now I can go and travel, and make a difference beyond my 4 walls.

So I am committing to excellence in all areas.

I will studying the masters.  I will make a boat load of cash and I will help others to do the same.

I will do my best to live in a glass house.  One where people can hold me accountable to living a life that honors God.

I will be honest with myself and what I need to change and grow in and attack those areas.

And I will dedicate my life to serving Him in whatever way I can…. be it through an encouraging tweet, blogging my thoughts, singing a song, sending an email, being a shoulder to cry on, accepting someone rejected by society, believing in the goodness within every human being (no matter how deep it’s buried).

I will focus myself and work harder, longer and smarter than I ever have so that I can be blessed immensely more than I can think of or ask by God in order to be a blessing to others.

I want to make billions of dollars so I can give away billions of dollars.

And lastly, I pray that I will be able to help others do the same.

This death hoax is beyond flying a sign overhead for justice….

This death hoax is beyond making a sign to show support…

This death hoax is beyond signing a petition…

Which are all great things… I’m not knocking that….

It’s about making a real life change….

Please hold me accountable to impacting the world…. and who ever wants to do this to, I will gladly hold you accountable as well…


~ by lilwendy on April 15, 2010.

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