The Greatest Media Show on Earth

Just wanted to repost this comment from jacilovesmichael because I thought it was a great summation of what is going on here:

Re: I Was Afraid of This…Jackson Kids to Possibly Testify

Postby jacilovesmichael » Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:28 pm

I know things like this really are upsetting, especially after the 10 long months of research we’ve all done in support of the hoax.

However, I believe if there is a hoax, the reasons for it, at least in part, are very much related to everything that is going on in the media.

Please consider this…

FOR ALL WE KNOW, none of this could be happening at all. Every article we read, could be a fictional story. Every video we see, could be a staged act.

How many times did we see videos and articles of Michael Jackson that portrayed him in a way that was not only disgusting, but completely fabricated? MADE UP! FALSE! GARBAGE!

The media itself is one big show. When we tune in or buy the magazines, we are simply buying tickets to that show.

IF we believe that Michael Jackson could possibly hoax his death, we MUST also believe that it’s possible for a LOT of things we see to be hoaxes as well. And NOT JUST IN THIS CASE!

We are living in a very strange world. We’ve been brainwashed and manipulated. Lied to. Popular culture has become a game. There is no way to escape it. The only possible way to make it through and come out on top is to become a player in the game instead of standing back and denying that it is a game.

That is what Michael Jackson has done.

And think of this: even if he did kill himself, there’s no way it was an accident. I would never believe in that theory. But either way, he has exposed the lies in the media and the corruption in our world. And either way, everything was planned. Dead or alive, I’ve been awakened by what ever happened or didn’t happen on June 25th.

There’s a man, who plays the game of life so well…

Let’s join him.


Re: I Was Afraid of This…Jackson Kids to Possibly Testify

Postby lilwendy » Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:15 pm

Brilliant comment @jacilovesmichael and I believe this is the message. It goes beyond Hollywood as well. This is a global phenomenon.

The governments use the media manipulation to shape our minds, and our beliefs. They are fostering a culture of fear. One where we are afraid to eat because who knows what’s in our food. Afraid to interact with people because they may harm us. Afraid to breathe for we may catch something like the swine flu. Next step… we are so confused and afraid that we turn to our governments to help us.

We turn to the very ones who scared the dickens out of us with their blacked-out, censored, biased, manipulative view of the world.

You wanna know what the world is really like? Go next door and talk to your neighbor. Heck go 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 doors down and talk to that neighbor! :-)

You see the kids in the street, with not enough to eat? Feed them!
You see a man with no home and not a nickle to loan? House him! Give him some money!
It’s called joyful giving!
We must stop existing and start living!
We must create a world with no fear
(man I’m crying happy tears)
If you care enough for the living
We’ll make a better place for you and for me….

Hmmmm…. where have I heard this before? :lol:


~ by lilwendy on April 7, 2010.

One Response to “The Greatest Media Show on Earth”

  1. Hoax is used alot these days, like the goverment puts hoaxes on the tv news, reports it was osoma ben laden and we just by it. Now we learn that Obama didnt go to Colunbia university but a school in mascow, and his cousin went to a Marxes school in russia also. And that he has ties to the mobsters from the CIA. And the CIA drug traffics, and the war in afganistan is over poppies, and the war in Iraq is over oil. We were Hoaxed into beliveing WMDs was the truth.. MJ has shown me how gullible people can be. But when the goverment lies people die.

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