thisisalsoit twitter – Word Play

Today on thisisalsoit on Twitter the following link came out:

And it  just so happened I was on You Tube and was looking at the following video: Pay attention to 0:22-0:36

Thank you jpsmart59!!!!

Did you catch it????

Ok let me spell it out for you…

The word used in the funeral program is INTERNMENT

So the word used means confinement as is often confused with INTERMENT which means…

So the second word is the correct word… the one that should have been used… quite the mistake to make don’t you think?

Or was it a mistake…

I think not!

So this my friends is a classic example of word play!



~ by lilwendy on March 22, 2010.

One Response to “thisisalsoit twitter – Word Play”

  1. This is very interesting.

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