www.thisisalsoit.com – Dangerous 1998 cryptic autograph

Well first off I don’t claim to know what the heck it means but I will share with you what I have found while digging around.

Many of these things I share my just be other people’s opinions.  I may get a light bulb moment or I may just be the post to bring the info together and one of you reading it may have a lightbulb moment! 🙂

So let’s begin.

The redirect:


First off, this is just one version of the signature, and there in lies the challenge with it’s meaning.

There is this version from the redirect that looks like 1998, arrow down, 666 or 660, upside down V, division sign, 4.

In other version it’s a 1998, rounded arrow going up, 000, upside down V, division sign, 4.

Here are some of the other variations:

Here’s a great video from PianoGames covering this code…


So based on these other pictures along with the redirect I am going to guess that what we need to be analyzing is the following:

1998, an arrow (down), OOO, ^, division sign, 4

michaeljackson.com offers this explanation of the autograph: http://www.michaeljackson.com/za/node/636045

Michael’s autograph

I have read threads where people were asking why Michael used 1998 with the arrow and numbers…Found the following on it…..

In the year 1988, Michael started signing autographs with the year 1998. Many people thought he had made a mistake or that he was prophesying his death. Neither are true. The symbol and year hold spiritual significance for Michael. Within ten years he believed that his life and career would come full circle. He would have accomplished all that he desired by then.

There are three circles to represent the complete Godhead-Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The number three represents completion and wholeness. The number 3 represents unity of one’s past, present and future-the circle of life. The number ten represents completion and wholeness but on a higher spiritual level. The arrow is an indication of direction and moving forward.
Michael also had a desire to be married and have a family by 1998. Prophetically, by 1998, two of his children were born and he was married twice. He was also embarking upon his first solo tour which started in 1987 but continued until 1989.

Michael was a Christian and a man of God. There was a spiritual purpose behind everything Michael did and said. Unfortunately, the world just missed or ignored his message.

Here’s a post that has another theory: http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=2274&start=10#p52550

A lot of number manipulation in this one! It’s based on if it is 666 not OOO though.

Something else I found…

Three circles –  in Western Folklore, Jobes, pg 343 it states that Three circles is the symbol for affection or love.  That would tie in with the whole all of L.O.V.E.

^ – Upside down V aka Lambda (which is a Greek letter… not a dance… LOL) – this has way too many meanings… symbol for gays, ties with the occult and masons…. but the one I like the best is the militant connection.


So the Spartan’s used to paint the Lambda on their shields as a form of identification.  You know… to show you were part of their army ;-).

Division sign aka Obelus – maybe it means just that… division… as in an army division. 🙂

Ok Michael was very biblical… let’s see what the Bible has to say about the number 4 –


Excerpt: Creation is the next thing after the Godhead, and the number four always refers to all that is created. Four is the number of all things that have a beginning, all things that are made, of material things and of matter itself. For examples of this we have the four cardinal directions, north, south, east and west. Four seasons of the year, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Four dimensions contain all we can experience; length, width, height and time. Note here that the fourth dimension, time, is separated from the rest in that we only have a limited movement through time compared to the other dimensions. So four is clearly shown to be the number of the natural creation and composed of three plus one.

Ok so 4 = created.

So lets see what we have now.

1998,  it’s going down the love army division creation begins.  Oooo!  I like that!  🙂

Seriously though… I wonder if in some of the other pictures where it just has the three circles and the arrow up if that was his shorthand for “I love you more”.

Ok clearly I need UNBIASED help. 🙂


~ by lilwendy on March 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “www.thisisalsoit.com – Dangerous 1998 cryptic autograph”

  1. Hey i like to read your post. It s very interesting, but at the second picture with the hat i see 1958, his year of birth.

  2. Are you sure it is a 4 and not a Ψ (psi ) ?

  3. Oh, girl! Keep coming the good work! I love to read your posts.

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