www.thisisalsoit.com – Blu Ray DVD Intro


Well it appears TIAI has chosen a DVD clip with the subtitles so we are darn clear on what is being said.

So I will pay attention to that.

…and we want some sizzles and some cracks

and some pops

We have our video that is called “Glimpses and Flashes”

and that’s when Light Man comes out on the gantree, floating above the stage

He’ll just be dazzling in video information

…and piece by piece by piece

MJ is revealed until he drops out

And on Michael’s command we begin

I said you wanna be startin somethin

You got to be startin somethin

I said you wanna be startin somethin

You got to be startin somethin

High to get over

You’re stuck in the middle

And the pain is thunder.

Sizzles – as in frying, burning, hot, anger – like what many of us felt toward Dr. Murray when we believed he killed MJ

Cracks – sudden sharp sound in cracking a whip – yep it was sudden…. and many of us wanted to crack the whip on a certain Dr. 🙂

Pop – to go quickly, suddenly and unexpectedly – nuff said.

Glimpses – brief passing view, momentary appearance

Flashes – brief moment, bright light

Need I go into this?  He has been giving us little appearances all over… if we are looking…

Light man – a man who makes things visible, provides illumination

Floating above the stage – he will have a birds eye view of everything going on

Dazzling in video information – and will use video as a means of informing…. showing us many things… youtube? DVD?

and piece by piece – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:WeinerText.JPG – Clue by clue?

MJ is revealed – to make known, disclose, divulge – as in to reveal a secret.

And on Michael’s command we begin – Michael is calling the shots…. and will tell us when to…

BE STARTIN’ SOMETHIN’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And there we have it people….

Plain and simple….

We are in what I believe is the last leg of what he told us from the beginning….

And we are reviewing things RIGHT NOW!





~ by lilwendy on March 2, 2010.

One Response to “www.thisisalsoit.com – Blu Ray DVD Intro”

  1. starting something…. well i just watched an alex jones video about the chem trails in the sky.. they are emitting barrium,fugui, and salts they are changing the apmoshere of our plant. they cause resitory illness and so i want to start with an uproar against them.

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