Theory from Gemacherry

Well I wanted to put this out there because it could be something to watch.

First off, all credit goes to Gemacherry on twitter for this one… this is her baby! 🙂

At the O2 press conference, MJ announced there would be 10 concerts starting July 8.

Well what if MJ has been giving us “concerts” but in disguise?

For example,

appearances/performances at:

July 7 – the memorial

Nov 19 – singing “This is It” with Paul Anka

Nov 22 – at AMA

Jan 31 – at the Grammy’s

Feb 1 – at We are the World remake

This is just something to keep our eyes out for… and thanks again Gemacherry for thinking outside the box!!!


~ by lilwendy on February 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “Theory from Gemacherry”

  1. as i understand chilbyadoption is a niece (by adoption) a girl in her teens in the jackson camp. her tweets are chaotic at times, but she has been revealing things that seem to be legit. she seems to log on to different pc’s, at different locations to get on twitter(according to her own tweets). other people are using those pc’s as well. other people also seem to be using her twitter account. the lather was an observation i made. different styles of writing (too grown up for a 14 y.o.!) Some ppl in the Twitter MJFAM believe MJ uses this account.
    I dont know. Who’s to say?. anyway its an account to keep an eye on, and analyze the tweets!

  2. i remember a tweet from childbyadoption,quite a while ago. she said MJ anounced 10 performance SHOWS and she stressed we should interprete SHOWS differently. Not CONCERTS but SHOWS, as in SHOWING up, SHOWING something……

  3. What about the funural? Maybe he was also there in disquise.

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