Hanged/Suspended/Good Explanation/thisisalsoit

Ok a few things have come up lately that just tied together a few things for me.  Let me know your thoughts.

Ok let’s go back… way back

Remember this?  When the tabloids were criticizing MJ calling him crazy because he was looking into extending his life via oxygen chambers, freezing, etc.

Just remember this…

Also note the egyptian symbol for Immortality or Life is:

Hmmmm….. where have we seen this… like on MJ’s clothes!!!???

I also posted some thoughts in mid-December on cryogenics/cryonics/suspended animation.

Here is the main link to what suspended animation is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suspended_animation

Ok keep this in mind as well…

Then a couple of days ago, thisisalsoit on Twitter posted this picture:

I thought dear God is he saying that MJ is dead?  Is he talking about Dr. Murray? WTH?  Then lightbulb!  Suspended… to suspend is to hang… Hanged man!

Ok stay with me….

Then today http://www.thisisalsoit.com is redirecting to this youtube vid:

As I was listening to this what really stood out for me was the following from 3:06

He says there are other explanations for how this drug (Propofol/diprovan) could have been used and administered.

There are circumstances to be taken into consideration.

There would have to been an explanation from Dr. Murray why he did it and if the explanation is good enough the Doctor will get off.

So there you have it… having the Propofol/Diprovan is not illegal.  There are other explanations re: why he would be giving him the drug… there are?  What could those be?

Then I remembered my post from mid-December and  did some current research in suspended animation.

Now Mark Roth seems to be the leader in this industry.  I’m going to list off some resources and some of the things that I took from each article that is relevant to what I realized today.

http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2010/02/mark-roth-on-mice-and-men/ – human trials began in 2008 so this is being done on humans

http://www.esquire.com/print-this/bringing-back-the-dead-1208# – he talks of immortality and the idea of living forever and one of the main drugs used in this is H2S or hydrogen sulfide (which naturally occurs in the body)

Then I thought… oh!

It’s all about a depressed metabolism… so I googled depressed metabolism…


http://www.depressedmetabolism.com/future-directions-in-human-cryopreservation-combinational-pharmacotherapy/ – talks about how Propofol is used in cryogenics.

So Murray’s good explanation could be something as simple as he was helping MJ who had a heart attack by cooling his body with Propofol.

I started getting excited!!! MJ entered into suspended animation!  That’s how he escaped!  That’s how people thought he was dead!  I wonder how long he was suspended… I wonder when he was revived!

I continued on with my research and came across this article.


There is a Youtube video embedded in the article…

and while watching it I almost fell off my chair at 1:25 but start watching at 0:44.

That’s right people I.I.T. a mirror image of T.I.I. – This is it… backwards.

So what is I.I.T.?  The Institute for Innovative Therapeutics.

So here is a video on I.I.T.


Uh… what?! Flu vaccines in eggs?  Administration of medicines in food.  Oh my gosh!

So guys I wanted to get this out but this is far from over.

Here’s what I believe is going on….

I believe MJ was awakened to what was going on in this world a long time ago.

He was trying to tell us within all his songs but we didn’t get it.

It’s a long story but Alex Jones has done a lot of info on this… remember End Games?  Thisisalsoit.com?

The big dogs… the Bildeberg Group… are coming together to assemble a NWO.. New World Order.

MJAlive999 has been passing on great videos… watch them!

It’s about to go down people and MJ is a threat!  He is trying to warn us about what is going on!  I hate to be a doomsdayer but we have got to be aware of what is going on but DO NOT BE AFRAID!  We are the majority!  We the people are the majority!

Please review thisisalsoit.com’s series of clues… this was made very clear.  Study!  Do not be blind!  Follow the yellow brick road…


~ by lilwendy on February 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “Hanged/Suspended/Good Explanation/thisisalsoit”

  1. […] Hanged/Suspended/Good Explanation/thisisalsoit […]

  2. Well done!! Yeah MJ is no novice to this game his brillance lies in perfect timing and an artful well planned blow. We’ve got to preserve the legacy of love. Too much has been taken we are not living up to the promise of our potential. The list of injustice is too long. The status quo is not acceptable. Props to mjalive999 see ya on Twitter.

  3. clap! clap! clap!

  4. wow good job. i liked it. 🙂
    Bilderberg Group … omg. burn in hell >_<

    btw, pls For those who want info about NWO just follow me on twitter (no, this is not for thousands of followers, i don't need it LOL) it's just to spread the info! twitter is good for this 🙂

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