Big Picture

Just trying to make sense of this all… and bringing it back to why was this done and what do we need to do now.

There are many theories on why.  Just take a look at any hoax forum like MJDHI and you’ll see theories like:

  • Movie Theory
  • DEA Theory
  • PT Barnum Theory
  • MJ/Elvis Theory
  • Escape Theory
  • Murder Theory
  • Illuminati Theory
  • Numbers Theory

We all stand by our theories and sometimes… not all times… and some people… not all people… will bash an opposing theory.  We fight to prove we are right.  Well… what if we are all right.  What if all these theories are meant to work together.

MJ’s life was in danger. Who was after him… Illuminati? crazed fan? crooked industry moguls?  Police decided to help MJ fake his death and then have us help by using an ARG to solve the mystery. And why not make it interesting… tie everything into some identifiable numbers – 7, 77, 777, 33, 333, etc.  So how to do it?  Well why not die the way people would believe… the same way Elvis did.  This would be believable as the comparisons would make it believable.  This whole death hoax would be a big movie that is developing as we speak.  A reality movie of sorts.  Where depending on our moves the movie progresses in different directions. The death would clear his name, generate money (for whom?), change public opinion, hide him, until the time was right to come out.  It would also be exactly what MJ wanted to do… to have his life be the greatest show on earth outdoing any hoax that PT Barnum may have done.  But will he come back?… or was this his way to escape for good?  To live a “normal” life? For good? Or temporarily?

HAHAHA well you get the picture… I don’t know how it would work!

So now what are we supposed to do.  Well I don’t know about you but if I was a hunted man and my family was being threatened and in danger I would be looking for some kind of protection.  Well if no one knows what is going on, then anything can happen and it would be in the news for a week and then we’d be on to the next hot topic.

But if someone with a huge ENLIGHTENED following…

someone who was leading thinking people…

people aware of the beauties and the monstrosities of this world…

if that someone could assemble an army of people who would not only refuse to be dumbed down, but would fight for the beauty, the goodness, the LOVE….

and would protect out of gratitude the one who showed them the truth…

a people who would realized that if they bound together that their sheer numbers gave them a voice…

a voice for the one who was voiceless…

would this be the way we could help?

We need to

a. Open our eyes to the money trail

b. Open our eyes to how things work together in the world – who feeds who

c. Take it to the top… where is this all originating… who is controlling it all

d. Who are the ones in history that figured this out but didn’t live to tell the tale. What were they saying?

e.  Who are the ones in history and present day that have been trying to educate us under the radar?  What were/are they saying?

f.  Who are the ones that may have gone into hiding to protect themselves but still trying to get the message across?

g.  How can we help educate the ones with the blinders on still?

h.  How can we empower people to realize the strength in numbers?

i.  How can we change ourselves to be a more loving person and teach others to do the same?

This is all prophetic guys… the time has come… time to shine.

And my final point is this…. REMEMBER TO LAUGH AND SMILE… life is too short.


~ by lilwendy on February 18, 2010.

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