Last Seven Words

Well some of you will know about the YouTube Channel of LastSevenWords and the intriguing and often mysterious videos.

The most recent one out is called Answers?

I will do my best to give my thoughts (in italics) and I will not be commenting on everything as there are things I don’t quite get and will keep working on and update as I get…. answers. 🙂

In the info box it says:

Time will tell & we all shall see…

Most questions, contain 1/2 the answer.  14/2


Time will tell and we all shall see.

Clock showing 7 o’clock  (there’s the 7 again!)


Time waits for no man…. but the man can wait for the time. (I guess MJ is waiting for the right time)

7+0, 6+1, 5+2, 4+3, 8-1, 9-2, 10-3

MLK speaking and the following words highlighted: HISTORY, DEMONSTRATION, FREEDOM, NATION.

I believe Michael has numerous messages in the History CD and that this whole thing, what many of you know I believe is an ARG,is a demonstration and a lesson on freedom for our nation.

Obama speaks

The element of math is not to make understandable means complex, but to make complex means understandable.

The seven is a definite thing we need to be looking at… it’s everywhere… and it will tip us off to things we need to take note of.


Man + Green = Nobody or No body (remember people to date there has been no body.  And is this referencing our little green man in We are the World?)

Orange with a segment missing + hallway? = A series of un4tunate 3vents 4+3

6:53 (7 to 7)

Highways – California – Leaving so soon – Airport

Little can be the equivalent to nothing.  Sometimes by doing little you have done nothing.

Doctor Dolittle + Propofol = 9-1-1  Yes the 911 call and 9-1-1 = 7

Square, small circle, big circle, triangle in RED


Square, small circle, big circle, triangle in YELLOW

United we Come together Love Always  UCLA (Peace sign + Heart)

Square, small circle, big circle, triangle in GREEN

07/07 – The memorial

Picture of the casket… really? 25 = 2+5

The misfortune with measurements is its seeming simplicity. – Are the measurements of the casket off? Michael bought a casket for Neverland ranch in 2002 and many speculated this would be used as his own casket one day…. don’t know if it’s the same.

On another note, that casket never seemed to have left the building…

Blonde doll in kimono – Are you sure?

A hair divides what is false & true

Hat with a question mark

Ok is this referring to Hat man and blonde lady and that “hair” or a wig makes the disguise? Or that MJ was indeed Blonde lady?  Oh my I don’t even want to go here!

Who is it really?

8/17 – this is the day Murray came out with his you tube video

Staples + Center = Thriller – Thriller was filmed in Staples Center?

Rewind button + T.I.I. – Rewind This is It and Listen to the message

(This is it) I wouldn’t be so sure.

Forest + Lawn = A fallacy

10/16 – If it’s Halloween it must be SAW… Saw mask

This was the day a mysterious man was seen with Liz Taylor and the kids wearing a SAW mask… MJ?

A new year unfolds – 2010


U turn sign with a heart (FYH in the corner) + 7 + Man LSW = …?  Usher?  Follow your heart?  7 man? What is LSW?

Crown + Eiffel Tower F.I.O Prince + Paris Figure it out

I know you can.

Stethescope shaped like a heart  DCM  Heart doctor Dr. Conrad Murray

Peace is more important than all justice… peace was not made for the sake of justice, but justice for the sake of peace.

This vide0 = The truth

Charity, Chastity, Diligence, Humility, Kindness, Patience, Temperance – 7 Heavenly Virtues

…or lies

Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath – 7 Deadly Sins

Make your own evaluation

Remember…to work out a problem it shouldn’t be a problem.


7degrees +6=

-3 + 10=






~ by lilwendy on February 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Last Seven Words”

  1. Can T.I.E.C. mean; Time Is Essential (for)Clue(s)
    Man + Green; The Green man=The Green Screen.
    He becomes invisible when images are projected on him.
    So, the green man may have been invisibly present in other green screened footage; invisible; No/body to be seen. Green screen has been used on many occasions; TII, Funeral(?), Grammys, and maybe more.
    Dr. Dolittle; CM is not guilty. He did nothing (little can be equivalent to nothing) The heart stetoscope; CM is a friend?
    Hatman or Blonde Lady? One of them was the decoy, the other was MJ.(Make up your own mind….)
    Crown and Eiffeltower, F.I.O; Prince and Paris give/gave clues.(Daddy couldnt be here last year, but he IS HERE this year?)

    To work out a problem, shouldnt be a problem. Do the Math! Wake up! Open your eyes. Its all there, in plain sight!

    These are the things that spring to mind. Still a lot to figure out there. One question; WHO is LastSevenWords. How significant are those videos. Is it not just a very creative fan, that has figured out a lot of stuff and makes cool videos? I absolutely adore those videos. But they could be made based on a point of view, and not necessarily on facts…?

  2. I’m reading yr news & going to watch video and verify YT account LastSevenWords…Dear, thank you for yr information, and loyal feeling To Michael & us – BELIEVERS TEAM! L.O.V.E. you more – Take Care!

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