Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Ok I just have to get this down because my thoughts are racing!  Ok so I mentioned in another post earlier the following:

February 12, 2010 – Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics in Vancouver BC Canada (where I live!!! Woo hoo!) KO will be there!  Believe theme!  Mystery holographic torch bearer! Also the 3 year anniversary of the beginning of the Year Zero ARG.

and that the next day is Prince’s birthday.

Well, I then found out the following:


So now there’s a connection between the Olympics, Believe theme, We are the World and Michael.

Then I remembered what my friend told me… she went to the rehearsal for the opening ceremonies and said there was going to be a ton of special effects.  Some of the things she specifically mentioned:  a mystery holographic image to carry the torch and light the flame, the stage changing so that it looked like water with whales/dolphins swimming in it, etc.

I heard hologram and immediately my mind said… hologram… Michael… Kenny will be there… Gov of California will be there… Prince’s birthday the next day…. opening ceremonies estimated to be viewed by 2 BILLION people all over the world… all eyes on that event… holy crap could it be???

UPDATE!!!  I forgot,  she also said there was this really cool effect.  It was like you were watching a big screen and you were watching people on the screen and then one person pops out and the person you thought was on the screen was actually there.  They didn’t say who it was, it was a stand in doing the rehearsal.

UPDATE AGAIN!! I forgot I went on Craigslist looking for cheap tickets and praying for a miracle and found this… now anybody can write anything so I don’t know how true this is but…. ya never know!


If you’re pissed that Arnie is a torchbearer… (BC Place)

Wait till you see the holographed image of Michael Jackson lighting the cauldron to the tune of “We are the World”. Yup, the cauldron will be a hologram inside BC Place during the Olympics and the actual one will be just outside the stadium. Terry Fox’s mom will pass the torch off to M.J. as she enters the stadium and modern technology will take over from there.
I’m not happy about it either and that’s why a had to let the “secret” out.

So I am really really trying not to get excited but I think it’s because it’s in my city that I can’t help but do the happy dance!!!!  Hee hee!

but wait!!!! there’s more…..

Thanks to PurpleFedora for this one:

“February 12 is the 43rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 322 days remaining until the end of the year…”

4+3 =7 and 3+2+2 = 7 ….O_O

LOL! I love dates! XD


~ by lilwendy on February 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Olympic Opening Ceremonies”

  1. Just a thought, holograms are images made of LIGHT. And it will be a HOLOGRAM that lights the cauldron 😀 LIGHT-MAN? 😀

  2. It’s not MJ. Use your brain please – he wasn’t Canadian OR an athlete. Betty Fox will pass the torch to a hologram of Terry Fox. Because he lived in BC, it’ll be a symbolic moment because it can also signify the completion of his cross-Canada journey.

    • Thanks for your comment… I’m excited to get a comment from someone local!!! 🙂 I thought I was using my brain, being transparent and sharing my hopes, thoughts, fears as I have them. Just tryin to be real. In any case, I will cry either way… It will be a very emotional moment esp. if it is who you say it is.

  3. Thank you for the post.I’m so excited.I hope that’s where the Light Man comes out the gantry, floating above the stage.;)

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