Guilty until Proven Innocent

So as some of you know, I just returned from being away from all TV, media, internet for 8 days.  When I left I was focused on making a difference and doing something huge in MJ’s name… a gift from the fans to him.  When I came back, there was a definite division and Conrad Murray was going to be arrested… finally. (not my words)

It brought me back to when MJ was accused of molestation and the chaos that arose with that… the whole lynch mob mentality.

So I started doing some research…. into the challenge.  Why is it that when people are accused of a crime they are presumed to have done it?  What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?  It’s more like guilty until proven innocent.

Trial by media is the main culprit.  We are a people that develop our opinions and views based on what the media feeds us.  In the above article, with regards to court cases and the public opinion, it is “less about guilt or innocence but about the promotion of the media coverage in the public mind above the status of the court.”  What a power the media has and how trusting and blind we are!

With this kind of  power, the media can literally control the masses… control what they think, what they believe, and all the time we think we are forming our own opinions!  Hahaha… manipulation at it’s finest!

Another quote from the article, “One of the first celebrities in the 20th century to be arguably tried by media was Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle who was acquitted by the courts but nevertheless lost his career and reputation due to the media coverage.”

Yup, just like Mike.  Proven innocent yet reputation tarnished.  So many people still believe that Mike is guilty!  Just like so many believe that Murray is guilty!

Give the article a read… not too long… and really made me think about how I am forming my opinions.  Is it based on biased media coverage or on the facts?

Oh and the black hole of things that this leads to is endless…

Some of the articles I will be reading and will leave it up to you to read and comment on as well are:

The Media Circus

Yellow Journalism

Culture of Fear

Mean World Syndrome

Social Control

Conspiracy Theory

Media Blackout

Start reading… start breaking away from media… start living in the real world… not the manufactured virtual worlds of TV and internet… start talking with people again… rediscover the art of relationships.

Our world is what we see on TV, in newspapers, on the internet… it’s not real.

Get back to reality!

Thanks to MJAlive999 for this video


~ by lilwendy on February 9, 2010.

One Response to “Guilty until Proven Innocent”

  1. Large international media strings as well as local monopolies of information (at the country level), however be businesses that operate subject to the law of capitalist profitability, lack their activities as having any company market regulatory rules
    Anywhere on the planet (both central countries as peripherals) the process of manufacture and distribution of information, is not motivated by the need to “report” but by the capitalist need to sell news
    For this media (as well as any capitalist company) generate massive consumption needs in society (the market), and trace information strategies to promote their business growth and positioned to compete successfully in the market
    However this reality, the activity of the mediaprivileged members of the economic establishment surrounded by a halo of “social mission” exempting any criticism or research on methods to collect (source), interpreting (processing) and disseminate information (public communication).
    Any Government, political party or social organization system (which use the means to achieve social legitimacy) dare to confront the all-embracing power Corporation’s journalistic fearing be stoned or converted into “social leper” from information manipulat. (Any resemblance to reality which concerns us in this blog is purely coincidental).
    And there is another situation that turns into “untouchables” to the media: your high potential trainer and social behavior on a massive scale counselor (achieved through informative manipulation) makes the backbone of domain strategies of the on a global scale.

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