– Update #3

I really don’t need to comment on this at all… just read.

Again though, this is more for those who need convincing that a) Michael Jackson is alive and b) we are in the middle of a hoax.

For those of us that have come to this conclusion already, we need to move beyond is he alive and is this a hoax and on to why is he doing this? what is the desired outcome? what are the lessons to be learned? and finally how can we help?


~ by lilwendy on February 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “ – Update #3”

  1. yo creo que si es esto verdad pienso que el esta vivo, pero aparte de L.O.V.E que yo apoyo, y su familia, y la policia , y toda esta gente sabe algo nose estoy muy confundida necesito respuestas pues pienso muchas cosas, el saldra, o no me gustaria tener una señal algo saber oir, escuchar, tu me entiendes y yo le hecho mucho de menos soy su fans tengo su misma esda osea que e vivido con su musica y ahora tambien yo necesito saber. lo siento si te e dicho tantas cosas en tan poco tiempo pero mi cabeza piensa bueno no te canso mas abrazos. TODO ES POR AMOR y lo se.

    • Google Translation: I think that if this really think that he is alive, but other than that I LOVE support, and his family and the police, and all these people know something I’m very confused nose need answers because I think many things, it will come out, or I like to have a sign something knowing hear, listen, you understand me and I am made very much his fans have the same bone that ESDA and lived with their music and now I also need to know. and sorry if you said so much in so little time, but my head thinks you do not get tired but good hugs. EVERYTHING IS FOR LOVE and know.

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